August 4, 2021

3 signs that don’t know how to stay put

Doing a thousand and one activities at the same time is their characteristic –

Photo: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio no Pexels. / João Bidu

There are people who don’t know how to enjoy a day off or a month of vacation resting as they should. Instead of relaxing, they look for new courses, workshops, pursue a new hobby or even take freelancers to do. This is no different with some signs, they need movement and new information. Next, see how the 3 signs that don’t know how to stand still work.

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This sign is like fire that runs wildly, consuming everything nearby. Aries person has a lot of energy to spend, that’s why they need to always do something new, have a new object of focus.

Tip: The best way to expend this excess energy is to invest in group physical activities such as sports and coaching clubs. Give preference to activities that occupy body and mind together.


Mental stimulation is essential to the happiness and satisfaction of this Air sign. Gemini can only feel good when he is interested in activities that involve knowledge and mental challenges. This sign doesn’t know how to like for like. He needs to do something that has a purpose, like a course to complement his professional training or a personal project.

Tip: It’s good to invest in projects, but know that it takes consistency and persistence to achieve your goal. Focus, Gemini!


This sign needs something that brings purpose to everything they do, but they are fickle people and always change their interest. Aquarius likes to be up to date and loves to explore new technological trends. They always know the meme of the moment, the subject that is in the Trends and (even) already watched the movie that everyone is talking about.

Tip: focus on activities that can bring out your creativity and originality, give preference to workshops and hobbies that involve art and technology together.