July 25, 2021

Criticism of Supernormal, the new Movistar + comedy with the great Miren Ibarguren as the protagonist

Criticism of Supernormal, the new Movistar + comic series with the great Miren Ibarguren as the protagonist along with Gracia Olayo, Diego Martín and María Esteve. Premiere of the entire series on July 9, 2021.

See the name of Miren Ibarguren in the credits of a series or movie like Supernormal It is a hallmark of infallible quality: she makes the comedy that is put before her work, always using roles other than those that give her an unmistakable personal touch.

This is just what happens in this outlier choral comedy, in which she acts as the main protagonist and which takes place in an office. In the key of mockumentary, with on-camera interviews of the characters in the manner of The Office O Modern Family, introduce us to Patricia Picón, an ambitious and extremely demanding woman with herself and with others who is clear that achieving her business goals (which go through making history in the world of banking) can never happen by leaving her family aside or the families of your employees.

Miren Ibarguren oozes charisma and is a powerful signing to give life to this “superheroine” who divides her efforts in keeping her family together and cared for and aspiring to the top in her sector.

For that reason Patricia is adored and hated in equal parts: as is evident, she arouses both admiration and envy since she knows no limits and faces problems head on … although sometimes her excess of zeal leads her to screw up in an anthological way.

Of course, nothing would be sustained without his great allies: his secretary Marisol (Grace Olayo), her husband Alfonso (Diego Martin) and her babysitter Imelda (I believe in Yoon).

Supernormal has been created by Olatz Arroyo Y Marta Sanchez (Down there) and it has interesting resources to investigate ideas such as professional success, work ethics, work-life balance and unpleasant situations such as sexual abuse and unhealthy competition. All this always in terms of humor that make that dichotomy between the interviews with the characters and the reality of their lives is very different.

So we soon realize that what they say is one thing and what they live is quite another: they all try to manipulate the audience to a greater or lesser extent or hide their true thoughts under sarcasm.

We will reveal to you those jewels that the ever-expanding catalog of the Spanish VOD platform hides.

Along with Ibarguren, Gracia Olayo and Diego Martín shine especially, with whom she has magnificent chemistry both when it comes to making comedy and when it comes to adding certain dramatic touches.

Be careful, among the secondary ones we have some usual suspects who function as luxury as María Esteve, Joaquín Reyes O Barrier Light in addition to cameos from Martina Klein, Sara Escudero O Juanjo Pardo.

The six episodes of which it is composed Supernomal, which are around 25 minutes long, are passed in a sigh and count in the address with Emilio Martínez-Lázaro (Eight Basque surnames). The series lends itself to seeing it in the form of a marathon since it opens all the way on Friday, July 9 and even leaves several questions open in the face of a probable second season that, yes, has not yet been confirmed but would have to have the same cast to work just as well.

It would only be necessary to refine to better exploit the resource of the mockumentary and perhaps take the conflicts to a slightly more crazy level in what has to do with the sitcom itself, since there are gags that are not very polished or that lose some punch for the moment in which they happen and the time that they lengthen. In any case, laughter is appreciated, the goal of being funny and having a background (even if it goes completely outside the limits of the realistic) is more than exceeded.


Great staff at the service of office stories in which the main thing is not only the business but also the family. Olatz Arroyo and Marta Sánchez have created a very enjoyable series full of nooks and crannies to make us laugh and think at the same time about what it means to reconcile and how essential it is to have unwavering allies for it.

The best

The great chemistry between Ibarguren and Diego Martín, the complicity with Gracia Olayo and the relaxed tone to talk about conciliation from the humor.


That the mockumentary feature with on-camera interviews is used intermittently: it works very well to finish off gags.