July 26, 2021

MasterChef 2021: know the profiles of participants on social media

Amanda, Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Determination is one of Rio’s strengths. The 26-year-old interior designer followed in her mother’s footsteps in the kitchen and over time became interested in French and Italian cuisine, but defines her food as regional. Now, look for a fresh start in MasterChef.

Instagram: @_amandaazeredo
TikTok: @_amandaazeredo

Ana Paula, David Canabarro/RS
As a child, the 30-year-old from Rio Grande do Sul took care of her younger siblings so that their parents could work. Today, Ana gave up her career in a speech therapy clinic to fully dedicate herself to participating in the program.

Instagram: @anabettinelli
TikTok: @ ana.bettinelli
Facebook: @anapaula.bettinelli.3

Ana Karina, Recife/PE
Ana is proud of her Pernambuco roots, a mark she will leave in the flavor of her food at MasterChef. The ophthalmologist has 11 cats, which are her passion along with cooking.

Instagram: @kary_kitten

André Serra, São Paulo/SP
André is from São Paulo at a technology startup, but he thinks it’s time to start a new adventure in his life. Without strategies or plans, he wants to show who he really is on the show.

Instagram: @dehserra
TikTok: @andre.serraoliveira
Facebook: @dehserra

Antônio, Maceió/AL
The 23-year-old publicist collects hobbies. A karate fighter and passionate about football, he wants to use his learning from sports to win the competition, which he defines as a “personal world cup”.

Instagram: @ antoniocarlos.sjr
Twitter: @tonosoares

Bernardo, Rio de Janeiro/RJ
At the age of 40, Bernardo is a businessman in the arms industry and has already been part of the US Army. As far as his career seems far from cooking, he learned how to cook early on and deepened his knowledge in his first marriage. His favorite dishes are meats.

Instagram: @bfmattos
TikTok: @ bernardo.fadel

Cristina, São Sebastião do Passeio/BA
Cristina’s story in the kitchen has ups and downs, as her father forced her to cook because it was “a woman’s role”. Therefore, he avoided pots and stoves for a long time, but today, at the age of 51, with his daughter leaving the country, he decided to indulge in this old passion.

Instagram: @cristina_editte
Twitter: @cristina_editte
TikTok: @ cristina.editte

Daphne, São Paulo/SP
The paulistana is repeated in MasterChef. She participated in the Junior edition when she was 13 years old. Now, at 19, after deepening her knowledge, the skateboarder is determined to come out with the trophy.

Instagram: @daphsonn
TikTok: @daphsonn

Eduardo, São Paulo/SP
Another well-known face on the MasterChef stands, Eduardo also participated in 2015 in the Junior edition. At 13, the young man stood out for his skills in confectionery.

Instagram: @ed.prado
Facebook: @edpradooficial
Twitter: @edpradooficial
TikTok: @ ed.prado
Youtuber: @eduardoprado

Gabriel, Andrades/MG
The civil engineering student from Minas Gerais learned regional cuisine from an early age, accompanying his mother and grandmother in the farm’s kitchen. At 19, he is one of the youngest in the competition and wants to use the award to fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant.

Instagram: @gabriel.carlin_
Twitter: @Gabriel_carlin_
TikTok: @ gabriel.carlin

Hector, Campinas/SP
If you think you’ve seen Hector, you can bet you have! The systems analyst participated in the 2020 edition of the program, winning one of the episodes of the special program. A muay thai fighter and runner, he wants to use his sport skills as a strategy in competition.

Instagram: @heitorcardos0

Helena, Belo Horizonte/MG
Helena is a journalist, but she has a dentistry clinic with her husband in Spain, where the couple live with their two daughters. The girl from Minas loves gastronomic tourism, which gave her a lot of repertoire to participate in the competition.

Instagram: @helenafurtado and @panelasepassarinhos
Facebook: @panelasepassarinhos
Youtube: Pots and Birds
TikTok: @panelasepassarinhos

Isabella, Florianópolis/SC
The Santa Catarina is the daughter of the swimmer Fernando Scherer, Xuxa, and promises to be a natural competitor like her father. The actress has already done some successful work on television, but since she was a little girl she has been passionate about gastronomy.

Instagram: @isascherer
Youtube: @IsabellaScherer
Twitter: @isabellascherer
TikTok: isabellascherer

José Sérgio, Canhotinho/PE
He works as a sales representative and likes to declare his passion for carnival, where every year he participates in the parade of his samba school of the heart. His greatest satisfaction is seeing the table full of friends enjoying their food.

TikTok: @ josesergio.silva
Twitter: @Josesergiomc8
Instagram: @josesergiomc8

Juliana Arraes, Passos/MG
Juliana was a participant in the 2020 edition of the program. The girl from Minas was eventually eliminated, but this time comes back with more knowledge and ready to win over the chefs with the confectionery.

Instagram: @arraes_juliana
TikTok: @ juliana.barraes
Twitter: @ JulianaArraes4

Juliana Nardelli, Taubaté/SP
Juliana, 46, has a career of over 25 years in fashion, as a stylist. With the profession, she has traveled the world and explored the fashion universe. Now she wants to face new challenges in the kitchen.

Instagram: @juliananardelli
Tiktok: juliana.nardelli
Facebook: @juliana.nardelli.5

Kelyn, Canarana/MT
Kelyn has wanted to participate in the program since the first edition, but only now has she felt prepared to face the challenge. It was this passion for Masterchef that made the young lawyer enter the Nutrition course and learn even more about nutrition.

Instagram: @kelynkuhn
TikTok: @kelynkuhn

Luiz, Rio de Janeiro/RJ
The 31-year-old financial analyst works for a large company, but his love of gastronomy makes him accept the risks of changing professions to start a new life.

Instagram: @luizhorta7
TitkTok: @luiz.horta
Twitter: @luizhorta77

Márcio, São Paulo/SP
The actor and drama teacher loved to admire his mother in the kitchen as a child and secretly collected recipe magazines. At 52, he wants to pursue his dreams and prove that it’s never too late to start something new.

Instagram: @mcabrals

Pedro, Campos Novos/SC
The 29-year-old architect thinks that his training career today brings him limits that he wants to break by participating in the competition. Pedro lived in several cities in the South until he stopped at his current home, in Joaçaba (SC). His time living in Australia and knowledge of oriental cuisine make him consider himself an expert in composing flavors.

Instagram: @pedro.scapini
TikTok: @pedro.scapini

Rachel, Salvador/Bahia
Raquel has a passport to be the envy of anyone, with tickets to New York, Boston, Switzerland and Curitiba. His time living in different corners of the world gave him a lot of gastronomic baggage, which he wants to apply in the competition.

Instagram: @raquelvilllavacooks
TikTok: @ raquel.villalva

Renato, Pindamonhangaba/SP
Renato was also one of the participants in last year’s special edition of MasterChef. A panna cotta that went wrong was the reason for his elimination in 2020, but he was unfazed and returned to the game.

Instagram: @renatoviottinogueira

Tiago, Brasilia/DF
The 36-year-old publicist is a board game lover and wants to use his knowledge to participate in the program. Skilled with fish and seafood, Tiago wants to make an affective cuisine to win over the judges.

Instagram: @tiagosouto
TikTok: @ tiago.souto
Twitter: @tiagosouto