July 24, 2021

Microsoft discontinues app for Windows 10 on July 20th ›Dr. Windows

Something went under the radar, but for the few (?) Users I would still like to mention that: As our colleagues from OnMSFT found out, Microsoft will discontinue the MSN Sports app for Windows 10 on July 20th. Microsoft recently pushed a corresponding message in the current version of the Windows app.

Along with MSN Finance and MSN Weather, MSN Sports is the third of the remaining MSN apps that are still provided with updates under Windows 10, while MSN News was renamed Microsoft News a long time ago. Either way, however, the signs should point to change. The mobile apps for iOS and Android of the three remaining MSN apps have not been (properly) developed further for a long time, while Microsoft News is now almost identical to Microsoft Bing. In the meantime, new alternatives have been created under Windows 10 with News & Interests and under Windows 11 with Windows Widgets to close the gap.

At the moment, the message only seems to appear in the MSN Sports app under Windows 10. It is foreseeable that Microsoft will pull the plug on the other MSN apps at least in the medium term. De facto, Microsoft Edge is moving more and more into the center of Microsoft’s efforts and the universal apps are therefore likely to become less and less relevant.

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