August 1, 2021

The therapeutic benefits of celebrity hobbies

It is proven that Finding one or more hobbies not only gives us an emotional break from the demands of everyday work, but it allows us to be involved in various tasks for simple pleasure, with the possibility of experimenting without limits or fears. It is also an assertive way to socialize with people from different backgrounds, with whom you have something in common. Another positive aspect of self-realization with a hobby, is that depending on the activity, it can exercise us both physically and intellectually, to the point of becoming experts on a subject that can even open the door to an undertaking that generates economic benefits. There are many examples of celebs whose hobbies have brought them such surprising satisfactions that they might be ready to take a turn of the wheel and dedicate himself fully to a new life.


Jennifer Lopez

The diva from the Bronx is an expert in taking advantage of her full potential and never hesitates to take on challenges that seem fun to her. Thanks to this, he has managed to successfully develop various facets in his life. One of them is cooking, a hobby that she defines as “her happy moment”. Once she puts on the apron, she becomes a worthy ambassador of Puerto Rican gastronomy to pamper a select club of diners. “I love cooking! And I’m a very good chef, ”says JLo. “My house is always full of family and friends. I love Sundays because I am at home with Alex, my children and my dad who comes to eat.”

Profits: Cooking is a relaxing activity that stimulates concentration, motor skills, memory and creativity. In addition, it favors family coexistence and encourages good eating habits.


Sofia vergara

One of the activities that the star of Modern Family is riding a horse, alone or in the company of Joe Manganiello, with whom she lives an endless honeymoon. Between season and season of the series, which has already shot its last installment, Sofia Vergara always tried to take breaks to escape to the field and get lost in long walks in the style cowgirl.

Profits: Riding is an exercise that, in addition to the well-being that it provides for being an outdoor activity, strengthens the abdominal and pelvic muscles and also the quadriceps. Helps improve balance and correct posture. On a psychological level, experts such as Pablo Márquez, director of Madrid Horse Week, point out that riding a horse helps to improve communication and empathy skills. It also helps to overcome fears and gain confidence.


Penelope Cruz

When glamor and elegance are part of everyday life, the day comes when it is not enough to wear the most fashionable pieces chic, you want something more personal and your own creativity asks to go out and materialize. Since she was little, Penelope Cruz chose drawing as a recreational way. Currently, when not in the middle of a shoot, the protagonist of Return take paper and colored pencils to draw fashion pieces. Some of his creative work has gone to the real world through a clothing line, a lingerie line and, recently, with a collection of jewelry under the Swarovski label, whose profits are donated to The Nature Conservancy. “When I was a child I drew jewelry on people on the pages of magazines, so seeing this collection come to life has been like a dream,” she said.

Profits: The clinical psychologist Amaya Terrón says that drawing helps to keep concentration fixed, avoid worries and reduce anxiety. It is a way to communicate ideas and moods. Encourage creative thinking and develop a different appreciation of the environment. It also exercises fine motor skills.


Drew Barrymore

While the actress, whom we met in the movie of ET the alien, he has not had an easy life, he has always known how to reinvent himself. One of her less known profiles is that of a photographer, a practice that she was passionate about from the beginning and over time she has taken very seriously. His snapshots were published in his book Find It in Everything, and some have been exhibited at the International Center of Photography in New York. A few years ago, the fashion company Tommy Hilfiger signed Drew Barrymore as a photographer for the Breast Health International (BHI) campaign to fight breast cancer, starring herself alongside the Anglo-French singer Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Profits: Exploring the world of photography boosts creativity and observation skills. It also facilitates socialization and the realization of ideas. David Viñuales, specialist in therapeutic photography, points out that getting behind the lens contributes to people’s feelings of well-being, facilitates introspection and generates a deeper and more sensitive relationship with the environment.



When asked about his most memorable trips, he often comments that cKnowing the Sistine Chapel was for her one of the best experiences. From a very young age, her inclination towards the fine arts, and especially painting, led her to experiment with her skill on canvas, trying to imitate the work of great masters such as Van Gogh. His hobby remains a colorful refuge especially “after a difficult day.” Beyoncé enjoys attending exhibitions and growing her rich art collection, which includes pieces by Andy Wharhol, David Hammons, and Richard Prince, among others. It is common to find evocations of painting in his videos.

Profits: Art therapy is a technique focused on personal development, self-knowledge and the expression of emotions. One of its possibilities is painting which stimulates skills such as creativity, appreciation of details and helps reduce stress. During the process, the production of endorphins increases so that happiness is experienced. You also learn to appreciate art and this knowledge raises your self-esteem.


Michelle Obama

The former First Lady of the United States loves to garden. When he arrived at the White House in 2009, he put to work to give life to an ambitious organic garden and a flower garden to attract bees. This was the origin of the “let’s move” movement whose aim is to promote good eating habits and counteract obesity. Thus, in each harvest season, he used to invite young students so that they could get involved in the harvesting tasks and connect with nature. With this experience he wrote the book American Grown, where he assures that “with love and effort, you can cultivate your own ‘Barack-oli’. Now Melania Trump is committed to giving care and continuity to the garden of the presidential mansion.

Profits: The specialist Inma Peña, affirms that horticulture is an educational activity that encourages sociability and good ecological habits, in addition to the fact that contact with plants and natural light, helps to release tension, elevates the mood and influences positively on the health of those who choose this hobby. Spending time caring for a living being is a constructive act that is pleasant, to which is added the joy of obtaining flowers or fruits.


Sarah Jessica Parker

The DYS trend gave a second wind to the art of weaving. The protagonist of Sex in New York She was one of the first to join the trend, probably because knitwear is her favorite. There are several occasions when we have seen actress Sarah Jessica Parker take needles and yarn out of her bag to move forward with her projectSometimes he does it alone and sometimes with other actresses or production partners.

Profits: Knitting develops patience and enlivens dexterity; it predisposes to reflection, stimulates mental agility and encourages taking on new challenges by wanting to make increasingly sophisticated garments. It is a highly recommended task for people with anxiety problems, attention deficit and older adults with arthritis and Alzheimer’s. Creating beautiful clothes can be very rewarding, and its usefulness can go beyond personal use, many knitters organize in community to give scarves or sweaters to people in need.


Susan Sarandon

Whoever finds a sport that they are passionate about, has a treasure. As a hobby they are an excellent option to keep your mind and body in shape. A decade ago, the winner of the Oscar for best actress, in 1996, discovered ping pong, thanks to his son. Susan Sarandon became so fond that she not only became an expert and feared rival, but also opened a social club that already has several branches.

Profits: You can start at any age, those who practice it say that it is a sport that exercises decision-making, concentration, body agility and empathic observation of the opponent. Improves balance, reflexes and reaction capacity. It increases aerobic capacity, activates blood flow, reduces cholesterol and is an exercise with a low risk of injury.


Gwyneth Paltrow

“Being an actress was just a mask,” she said when asked about her new side as a successful businesswoman. It all started thanks to his fondness for leading a healthy lifestyle, devoted his free time to learn more and more about the subject. Then she wanted to share everything she knew and created her own Internet portal, where the Hollywood star talks about trends in health and well-being, her experiences, trips, types of diet, exercises … And one thing led to another, later Gwyneth Paltrow launched a range of novel and sometimes controversial products, from vitamins and supplements, to fashion, to cosmetics, fragrances, and introspection and nutrition therapies. Today, the Goop brand is valued at more than two hundred million dollars. “In these last six years, I have had the deepest awakening of my life,” he says.

Profits: Entrepreneurship experts say making your passion a way of life is one of the greatest privileges that can be achieved. Venturing into a “hobby” will allow you to discover that personal and professional growth has no limits. On the other hand, optimism and self-confidence is reinforced, in addition to the predisposition to continue learning. “It’s amazing to work on something and see that it is always growing.” Gwyneth concludes.

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