August 2, 2021

Why this founder left her psychotherapy startup

Roller skating is like reasons: it’s all about balance. Farina Schurzfeld found roller skates in the storage room of her holiday home.

Jörn Kamphuis Photography

For Farina Schurzfeld, leaving the psychotherapy startup Selfapy marks the temporary end of a twelve-year job marathon, during which she hardly allowed herself any breaks. A new chapter begins in her life. The Berliner by choice from Detmold in Westphalia was involved in the founding of five startups. At Selfapy she will remain a partner and member of the advisory board, fan and advisor, writes the founder in a farewell email.

“Looking back, we have achieved so much,” she says in an interview with Gründerszene. There was a lot of positive feedback from investors, politics and the scene as well as a lot of appreciation from outside, such as numerous awards and inclusion in the entrepreneur ranking “30 under 30” of Forbes magazine. “I kept running and faster and faster. And at some point I asked myself: where am I actually going? And what is around me while I run? Do I actually look to the right and left or do I just run faster and further? “

This text was first published on March 30, 2021. It interested a particularly large number of readers.

She ran. “In the end I felt like I was running a marathon, but I never reach a goal. When I get there, I’ll go straight to the next one instead of enjoying the success for a while, ”says the founder, looking back after four and a half years as co-founder and head of marketing. “It is a pursuit and an addiction for more and more. By size. According to speed. For more success. A bigger team. More funding. More visibility. “

Success is addicting

“A lot of people – and I have included myself in the past – get a lot of satisfaction from their job. You have an external effect that gives you feedback. And you live more and more from this feedback, it nourishes you. You are therefore investing more and more in this one pillar. ”This is how identification with the company takes place and a dependency begins. In their opinion, founders should question this “I am the company XYZ”. “I have found for myself that life has many pillars: the company, friends, family, hobbies. All of this is based on the ‘yourself’ foundation. “

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