July 26, 2021

The ten hobbies that add points to the curriculum, and the one that remains

They are sheets intended to add work experience, studies, languages ​​and not much else. However, Forbes points out that adding hobbies can be highly valued and, above all, will lead you to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

The sector must always be taken into account. A hobby on a resume destined for a company in a creative or innovative industry may be more valued than if it is sent to a traditional company.

A former Google intern, for example, said that tech’s human resources staff wanted to see the person’s passions on the resume, which could reveal their personality. But in a traditional company they would appreciate a hobby only if it was linked to the job.

Forbes published a list of the ten hobbies that should be added to the resume, but not before giving some advice: if you decide to include it, it better be one that you really love, since it will probably become a topic of conversation during the job interview.

1. Yoga

It can be valued for demanding positions that require constant self-control and the search for calm in stressful situations; for example, an investment bank, a law firm or advertising agency.

2. Extreme sports

Rock climbing, waterskiing, motocross, or surfing are examples of extreme sports that you could add to your resume. The fondness for these activities would speak of a person who feels comfortable facing challenges and experiencing stressful situations where it is necessary to overcome oneself. At the same time, it would be an indication that you are not afraid of the unknown. These virtues are worth gold.

3. Video production

Video production is a hobby that can be valued especially for creative positions in sectors such as advertising, event organization, travel, among others. It is an activity that requires great attention to detail, and a precise and creative person.

4. Endurance sports

Marathons, triathlons, cycling races. All are activities that require tenacity, dedication and discipline, qualities sought after for positions related to business management, investments, sales; in fact, they are characteristics that are sought after in practically any job.

5. Captain of a team

Being the captain of a team is, above all, being a leader. Any candidate can shine in an interview if he shows that he has leadership skills, since they are people who usually work well in corporate environments but, above all, they can positively impact those around them.

6. Blogging

Having a well-worked and up-to-date blog can make you an ideal candidate for positions associated with marketing, communication or technology, especially if it deals with topics related to the position you are applying for. If, for example, you have a law blog where you share your thoughts, experiences and concerns, this hobby will be highly valued for any position related to the legal sector.

7. Gardening

If you are thinking of applying for a position related to sustainability, your love of gardening can be a more than interesting asset, as it shows your concern for ecology and the environment.

8. Photography

If you are passionate about photography and you are looking for a job as a creative director or in a communication agency, do not hesitate to add a link with your best photos. This hobby will tell you that you are creative and patient.

9. Play an instrument

Playing any instrument is something valued in any sector, and it should always be included, according to Forbes.

10. Rare hobby

Do you feel that you shouldn’t tell about a hobby because you are somewhat eccentric? If you like philately (collecting envelopes and postage stamps), if you practice a martial art such as jiujitsu, if you are a collector or enjoy any other unusual activity, far from being something to hide, it would serve to show personality, as well as which can lead to an interesting conversation with the recruiter.

The forbidden

It is not news that there is a direct relationship between the number of books someone reads and their intelligence. For that very reason, adding your passion for reading won’t add to your resume anything more than something as hackneyed and typical as pointing out that your worst flaw is being “too much of a perfectionist.” It is convenient, then, to avoid it.