How Danai Gurira had to leave Michonne and ‘the Walking Dead’ behind to fulfill her life’s dream

The actress will stop playing the charismatic character in the current tenth season of the series but, after knowing her motivations, you will be looking forward to it.


Yes, the second half of the tenth season of The Walking Dead will tackle the war against the Whisperers and promises to be really intense, but If there is something that will completely mark this final stretch of the series, it will undoubtedly be the departure of Danai Gurira, who will cease to be Michonne – forever? – after having been one of our star survivors since the third season. The character, a favorite among comic book readers but also fans of the AMC series, has evolved remarkably since we first saw him outside the prison, with two jawless walkers chained behind his back and with a solo past that had strongly marked his personality. Much has happened since then and, in fact, the Michonne that we will let go of in the next episodes is an icon of family, community and protection of her own.

It is clear that Danai Gurira has a hard time leaving. It has been many years playing a character that he cares about in a series that he likes. This is how he expresses it in an in-depth interview with Entertainment Weekly, who dedicates the cover of his printed edition to him. According to the person in charge of the interview, seeing her shoot her last scene is quite a spectacle. And you can tell that he enjoys it.

Why leave all that behind? The Black Panther actress is also clear about it, just as she is clear that does not change The Walking Dead to become a movie star.

I never understood the absence of voices and people who were similar to me. I never found the sense not to see that representation. The massive content of series and movies and even that complete absence of stories of women from inside and outside the continent. It didn’t make sense to me and I didn’t accept the reasons why [esa representación] it wasn’t there. It had to be there. It just has to happen so I’m afraid I’ll have to

His statement of intent is clear and that is the idea that has always guided his path. In fact, his first steps in the world of acting began as a scriptwriter for plays. Also a creator of stories, Gurira already has a new great project in hand with her partner in Black Panther Lupita Nyong’o to fulfill his mission: the adaptation into a 10-episode miniseries of the novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Americanah para HBO Max. The story centers on a woman named Ifemelu who leaves Nigeria to study in the United States and who, when she returns years later to meet a former lover, discovers how their lives have completely changed while living on different continents.

Will we see in front of the cameras? No. In addition to working on the script of the series, the actress will perform the functions of ‘showrunner’ and will take care of everything necessary to bring the novel to life, monitoring every detail of the production either in relation to the costumes or in the search for locations.

I’ve been watching my showrunners for years thinking, ‘Do you want to throw that on you?’ Its alot. I am involved in every angle of the project. It is no small thing to take a 600-page novel and turn it into a series. But I realized that if I didn’t, I would never forgive myself. Facing it will require everything I have and a little more

In his interview with THAT ONE Danai Gurira shows without a doubt that he is very clear about what he wants and that he has always had it. In addition, she is grateful to be able to do a series, since an “avid consumer” of this format is shown: “I have seen everything. I have seen how television has evolved in the last 20 years. And good television really excites me.”

In his new job as ‘showrunner’, Danai Gurira has found a lot of help in those who until now had held that position with her as an actress in The Walking Dead and indeed, Scott Gimple and Angela Kang are, in a way, her mentors. Both are convinced of her good work in this new creative facet and they praise her. “You need two things to be a showrunner,” sums up Gimple. “Having vision and work ethic. And I think she has both. She has the talent and she has the strength, and she doesn’t need much sleep.”. Similarly, Gurira is clear that there is something she wants to transfer from the zombie fiction set to her new series: The good working atmosphere between all the teams. At the moment, the actress assures that Lupita and she are beginning to be “like sisters”, so everything is going smoothly in that sense.

And what about your departure from The Walking Dead? We’ll find out as Michonne’s story unfolds down this stretch, but both the crew and the actress have vowed that justice will be done to the character.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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How Danai Gurira had to leave Michonne and ‘the Walking Dead’ behind to fulfill her life’s dream