How Joey Fatone went from N’Sync to being an entrepreneur

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She’s already singing, dancing, and now Joey Fatone, one of the original members of the boy group N’Sync, is paying attention to the sausages. Let me explain …


1. Who are you and what is your business about?

I’m Joey Fatone and I own Fat One’s Hot Dogs & Italian Ice.

2. After being a part of such a successful act as N’Sync and being a part of famous movies like My Big Greek Wedding, why try your hand at the food business?

It was something I always wanted to do. I always wanted to have something of my own. I was on a couple of cooking shows with chef Rachel Ray. I went to Chicago and saw that there was a business called Chubby Wieners, a name that I found very funny. I started researching and decided to open my own store and call it Fat One’s. Being from Brooklyn I got used to eating Italian pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream. I’m not reinventing the hot dog but I’m working on new flavor mixes to go with them.

3. What does the word ‘entrepreneur’ mean to you?

For me it is thinking outside the box. It is having knowledge and making things happen. You are the boss. Being an entrepreneur means living on a roller coaster. You go up and down. I’m relatively new to this, but I already love it.

4. You have been very clever in cross-marketing. You have been associated with another member of a boyband Donnie Wahlberg (ex New Kids on the Block) …

I’ve done TV shows where Donnie comes to Fat One’s and others where I go to his Wahlburgers restaurant. It’s about helping us out.

5. What has been the failure that you have learned the most from?

Trying to make a pizza on a stove was a mistake. It didn’t go well. You can learn a lot from your mistakes. At least you learn not to be wrong anyway and see how else you can make things better.

6. Do you have any productivity tips that you can share with us?

A basic one is to exercise. You will have more energy if you are physically active.

7. What else is essential for an entrepreneur?

INVESTIGATE. There was an artist named Toby Keith who named a restaurant after him (Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill) in Orlando. However it did not work. I think he did not investigate and now his name will always be linked to that failure. I don’t believe in quick money making schemes. You have to work for a very good time.

8. Do you have an inspirational phrase that you like?

Dreams don’t come true unless you work really hard.

9. Is there a book that you recommend?

Steve Harvey’s book Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success. It is inspiring and honest. Work really hard when you are young. Many millennials don’t understand that behind big stars and success stories there is a lot of hard work.

10. What’s next for you?

I’m doing collaborations with the Home Shopping Network to advertise Fat One’s hotdogs. We are already thinking of expanding to Orlando.

11. Will we have a N’Sync meeting in the near future?

We have nothing planned beyond our appearance on the Walk of Fame in March 2018.

12. What’s next for you as an actor?

I’m actually waiting for Nia Vardalos to finish writing the next part of My big greek wedding. Meanwhile I am going to focus on my restaurant.


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How Joey Fatone went from N’Sync to being an entrepreneur