How Kathryn Hahn Has Become The New Internet Sensation

The world is of Kathryn Hahn and we only live in it. Or at least that is how social networks seem to have decided, that since the Marvel series was released Scarlet Witch and Vision (better known as WandaVision), have crowned the American actress as the new internet queen and one of the most admired stars in today’s Hollywood firmament.

Your recent MTV Award for Best Villain for bringing the witch Agatha Harkness to life in the Disney + series and the announcement of its signing in the long-awaited sequel to Daggers in the back It is news that his fans, who are already legion, celebrate with enthusiasm, thus confirming what is undoubtedly his best professional moment. So learn her name well, because Kathryn Hahn has found the door to success and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to close anytime soon.

Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in WANDAVISION (Ph. Suzanne Tenner. © Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved)

With Agatha Harkness, Hahn has entered the gallery of the most memorable villains of recent years. The success of the Marvel series gave its protagonists, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, a considerable popularity boost, but it’s Hahn who has benefited the most from Marvel’s magic touch, going thanks to her from being a cult comic actress for a few to an Internet icon and a sure candidate for the next Emmy, appearing in all pools (GoldDerby).

But his has not been an overnight success story (it almost never is), but the fruit of a two-decade career full of memorable roles. When Hahn began to be on everyone’s lips for WandaVision, there were many who did not take long (I include myself, I confess) in singing the classic “I already knew her before it was fashionable”. And is that Marvel’s almighty machinery may have been responsible for catapulting her to massive recognition, but Hahn already had thousands of fans who had long claimed her as a great actress and infallible secondary..

How to lose a guy in ten days, The Reporter: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Love is what you have, The Holiday O Brothers by balls are some of the films with which Hahn began to be seen on the screen. But without a doubt, many will remember her for her work on the series Crossing Jordan, where she played counselor Lily Lebowski, her first full-length fixed television character. From there, Hahn made a name for himself on television with recurring roles in comedies such as Hung, Girls O Parks and Recreation, with which little by little She won the hearts of series fans like a golden scene stealer.

In cinema he also gradually became a regular face of American comedy, appearing in titles such as We are the Miller, The secret Life of Walter Mitty, There you go and especially one of his most popular films (and its sequel), Bad mothers, where she played the wild and unpredictable Carla, one of her most recognized and hilarious roles, a true display of her talent for humor. But in recent years, Hahn has been determined to show that she is a very versatile actress and is as good at comedy as drama and other genres.

We have seen it in the very serious Revolutionary Road O Captain Fantastic, tried with terror in The visit by M. Night Shyamalan, with science fiction in the failed Tomorrowland: The World of Tomorrow, and had his first contact with Marvel in the acclaimed and Oscar-winning Spider-Man: A New Universe, where before giving life to Agatha Harkness, she voiced another mysterious character who happened to be the villain of the role, Doctor Octopus.

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In recent years, Hahn has established himself as a television presence thanks to his excellent work on Amazon series I Love Dick and Transparent (for which she was nominated for an Emmy), and the HBO miniseries Mrs. Fletcher and The undeniable truth, where we have seen her take greater interpretive risks with excellent results, reminding us that, In addition to making us laugh, it is capable of moving us and making us cry with interpretations loaded with humanity and vulnerability., specially in Mrs. Fletcher, where she played her bravest and most complex role yet. In short, she is an all-terrain actress and has already behind her a more than estimable filmography to prove it.

Enter Marvel Studios. When Hahn was advertised as the nosy neighbor Agnes in WandaVisionIt didn’t take long for the marvelitas to put the pieces together and guess that it was actually the villain Agatha Harkness incognito. Seeing Hahn on the show became a show in itself. The actress put the audience in her pocket with her fun and charismatic scene-stealing performance and starred in several viral moments, although none like the song Agatha All Along, with which the true identity of the villain was uncovered (to nobody’s surprise) and it was revealed that she had been pulling the strings from the beginning. The song, which reached number 1 in sales on iTunes, was (and still is) a phenomenon in social networks and definitively sealed Hahn’s fate as the new obsession of the Internet.

Suddenly, the networks and online media were filled with exalted declarations of love for the actress, memes and old interviews that were rescued and also turned into viral moments. Images that stood out his undoubted charisma and a deeply magnetic and seductive character that drove more than one and one crazy. The Hahnmania spread quickly thanks to WandaVision and it has done nothing but gain followers since then. Those of us who already knew her celebrated the recognition of an actress we had been admiring for a long time, and who finally took the place she deserved.

At 47, Kathryn Hahn is living a phenomenon similar to that of Sarah Paulson, who also found belated success in an industry that tends to make female actresses invisible or restricted to the role of mother. over 40, and that he has now built an unstoppable career. Everything indicates that Hollywood has taken a good look at her potential and we may soon see her everywhere.

Without going any further, she has just been hired for the sequel to the success Daggers in the back, which will premiere on Netflix following a lucrative deal for more than $ 400 million with its director, Rian Johnson. The details of his character are unknown, but Upon hearing the news, they all made the same joke: We already know who the murderer is! (referring to Agatha Harkness and her Agatha All Along). The cast of the sequel includes confirmed Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, Edward Norton and Janelle Monáe, but none of them caused as much a furor on the Internet as the announcement of Hahn’s addition to the cast.

Last weekend WandaVision swept the MTV awards with four awards, including two for Hahn, Best Villain and Best Fight (shared with Elizabeth Olsen, starring in a video and gif imitating their clashes with magic). Although these awards obviously do not have much prestige and the actors do not take them too seriously, they are a good thermometer of what the public likes. And in case it’s not clear yet, audiences love Kathryn Hahn.

Her passage through the red carpet and her funny speeches went viral again on Twitter and the networks were once again flooded with words – and gifs, emojis … – of admiration for her (and also for Olsen, of course). There is no denying that Marvel has played a key role in this little revolution for the actress, but anyone who has followed his career will know that there is no doubt that he deserves the success he is having. And the one that awaits you. Resisting its power is futile: welcome to the Hahn Era.

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How Kathryn Hahn Has Become The New Internet Sensation