Hugh Jackman suggests there is a 47-minute longer X-Men cut

When X-Men – 81% was released in 2000, the superhero films still did not reach the levels of now. These types of adaptations were rare, comic book fans were more open and expectations were created when being in the movie theater. Mutants were already very famous and a movie with them definitely changed the landscape of what could be achieved on the big screen. In addition, this project directed by Bryan Singer also meant fame for Hugh Jackman, who gave life to Wolverine until 2017 with the premiere of Logan – 93%.

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The original film, also starring Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Famke Janssen and James Marsden, was well received by critics and audiences. It was a very good presentation of the characters where each one had their moment and it was clear that there was potential for a franchise. Of course, X-Men it followed very clear guidelines of the action tapes of the time and has one or another exaggerated moment, because it was still very common to try to transfer dialogues and events as they are on paper, which is not always good.

Although mutants are the most exploitable characters in the cinema, it is certain that they will change a lot now that they are part of the alliance Marvel-Disney and his UCM. Many have been waiting for this union for years and it was thought that Hugh Jackman He would choose to return at least one more time, as he himself dreamed of seeing Wolverine with the Avengers. However, the actor long ago confirmed that his farewell was final, but he will always remember the great lessons and opportunities that were born from the franchise.

During a recent interview with Collider to promote his latest film Reminiscence – 47%, Jackman revealed that filming X-Men taught him that things can change quickly. The actor says that a lot of material was filmed that is not in the final cut:

Maybe I have no right to say it, Steve. But a week before its premiere [X-Men] it was 47 minutes longer.

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Jackman explained his surprise at seeing the changes in the premiere:

Maybe I’m exaggerating or minimizing… it was a lot. And maybe the week is an exaggeration, but I’m sure… About what we filmed, I remember thinking: “What happened to that scene and that character? That? Wow! ” That movie, from memory, lasts 100 minutes, I think. I think it was longer, much longer, so it was definitely a surprise.

But the actor clarifies that he does not say this as a complaint about the final cut or about the creative vision of Bryan Singer. Rather, it served as a lesson in the cruelties and truths about the industry, where you can film an important role and realize that you are not in the final cut. He also remembers that he was advised not to trust himself and to continue doing auditions to secure work in case. X-Men it didn’t work out:

They would tell me things like, “Make sure you have another job. What is said on the street is that it is a fiasco. And it’s OK. Right now you’re the star of a Hollywood movie, right? Don’t tell them it’s a comic book movie. That does not mean anything. Just say you’re the lead in a movie, and at least you’ll have some auditions, and you could secure something before it comes out, and they’ll give you another chance. “

This led to the actor not feeling confident and continuing to work just as hard. It is curious that at that time starring in a superhero film was seen as mediocre and now it is almost indispensable for an actor who is on the rise. About the final cut of X-MenIt is not the first time that we hear that there are scenes that did not make it, although it was not known that it was so much. Rumors and leaks speak of the appearance of other mutants such as Gambit, as well as scenes where it is shown how the protagonists discovered their powers. Maybe these comments from Jackman start a request to see that other extended version.

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Hugh Jackman suggests there is a 47-minute longer X-Men cut