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Hull’s cobbled streets have been mentioned in the same sentence as Hollywood – after getting an airing on ITV’s Lorraine this morning.

The ITV presenter introduced LA correspondent Ross King’s usual round-up of Hollywood news with the unlikely words: “Gorgeous Hull is the new Hollywood.”

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The programme’s LA reporter Ross then introduced the segment by saying “Hurray for Hullywood. Congratulations Hull, Enola Homes 2 is being filmed at the moment so the cobbles are absolutely perfect. So if you want to see the stars out and about they are all heading that way.

“It’s wonderful when places that are not normally associated with all the glitz and glamour are getting it, we’ve got all the movies being shot in Glasgow of late as well, so it’s just great that it’s going all around the country.”

Lorraine added: “Exactly, it is fantastic, very exciting.”

The Enola Holmes 2 set in Hull’s Old Town

He mentioned the Hollywood stars who are de-camping to the city for the filming, which include Henry Cavill, Oscar-winner Helena Bonham Carter, and Millie Bobby Brown.

The film set has transformed High Street into a Victorian street scene for the Netflix sequel, which is based on a series of Sherlock Holmes-inspired books by US writer Nancy Springer.

The set has generated quite a bit of excitement in the city, with onlookers keen to see behind the scenes.

LA correspondent Ross King mentioned Hull in his round-up on today’s Lorraine show on ITV

Filming is due to take place tomorrow and Wednesday.

The original Enola Holmes movie was released last year and starred Stranger Things’ Millie Bobbie Brown as the title character and Henry Cavill as Enola’s brother Sherlock Holmes.

It achieved over 76 million views within four weeks, making it one of Netflix’s most successful movies of all time.

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‘Hullywood’ is star of ITV’s Lorraine as movie stars head to city – nonenglishfeed