In a bathrobe! Gal Gadot falls in love with his fans dancing

The beautiful actress Gal Gadot He leaves us speechless with his fearless dance steps, adding to it that he performed them in a very provocative way, since he wore only a bathrobe leaving very, very little to the imagination.

There is no doubt that Gal Gadot has become one of the favorite celebrities of the moment, since his portrayal of Wonder Woman.

His publications continue to captivate his more than 45 million followers, as one of the videos he shared on the social network where he is really happy.

Gadot has shown that her beauty and simplicity can captivate and fall in love with more than just showing a voluptuous or curvy body, as in the following fun video in which she appears in a robe and dances to the rhythm of Sia’s “To Be Human,” which is part of the Wonder Woman movie soundtrack.

I’ve heard it’s national ‘sing out’ day but honestly that’s every day for me with Mark Townsend and Sabrina Bedrani, ”he wrote in the video description.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time we have seen Gal Gadot in a robe dancing in this way, since she has made it very clear to us that, in addition to being an incredible actress, she also knows how to show her skills in dancing with any rhythm.

Without a doubt, the followers of the Amazonian princess Diana are very grateful for the great sense of humor she has and for brightening our day with this type of dance, since she also took us back when she took off her robe and we saw her accepting the challenge where , along with dancer Mette Towley, appeared dancing to the song by Pharrell Williams and Rihanna

As expected, this publication caused a stir at that time, as it was shared on May 24, 2018, but so far it continues to be remembered and to this day it has more than 15 million reproductions from the users of the social network and endless comments from their followers.

She is so beautiful “,” You are unforgettable “,” I love I love I love this song, it is so beautiful and it makes me cry with happiness “,” I am a wonder woman in a way I guess “,” You look amazing “,” Singing with JOY! ! Got it! “Were some of the comments.

Everything seems to indicate that simple dances are the strength of Gal Gadot and the proof of this is when he celebrated the success of Wonder Woman with this s3nsual dance.

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On the other hand, Gal Gadot surprised her followers a few years ago with an outfit that reminded us of Beyoncé, since she wore a similar outfit that resulted in some who claim that one of the two overthrew the other.

It was in 2017 that Gal Gadot shared a photograph that caught the attention of her fans, because when we saw her we immediately thought Beyoncé, since it was the outfit that attracted the most attention, because it is similar in the video for the song “Single Ladies”, same as launched in 2008 the singer.

In that iconic video, Beyoncé appears next to two dancers wearing a black bodysuit, her hair down, and something that attracted a lot of attention was thrown in black and white.

Thanks to this video the popularity of Beyoncé grew even more and in fact several parodies were also released referring to this song that even Joe Jonas made a video parodying the singer dancing identical to her.

Gal Gadot appears in her publication three years ago wearing a kind of long transparent jacket with some lines that form geometric figures, as well as a black bodysuit that unlike Beyoncé this design has a turtleneck.

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In a bathrobe! Gal Gadot falls in love with his fans dancing