In Escape Room 2 the clock ticks again in new deadly challenges that fill us with excitement, but … – Spoiler Time

Today premieres Escape Room 2 (Escape Room 2: Reto Mortal), sequel to the hit horror thriller of the 2019 in which a group of young people faced a series of riddles in complicated puzzles where their lives were at stake. Directed again by Adam Robitel, the tape has been well received by audiences around the world. It is expected to repeat the feat of its predecessor who raised more than $ 150 million globally (from a budget of $ 9 million).

Starting with a detailed recap that looks like a TV series, Escape Room 2 continues exactly where the first part ends. Now we see Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) go after Minos, the company responsible for the killing of the first delivery. However, now the mind behind the gory puzzles has plans to continue the game and is now taking them from escape to escape in larger settings such as the subway, the beach, and even a plane.

In each of the challenges they will meet survivors from other rooms against whom they will have to compete in order to get out alive. As they progress from room to room they will find more and more clues that will lead them to meet the “designer” whom they will have to face to stop their evil games.

This sequel, like the original, does not deny its roots and increasingly gives us the idea that we are facing a kind of Saw for teens, full of ingenious challenges and an atypical villain who has desires that go beyond simple revenge.

Fortunately, the film does not try to rewrite the rules of the game but rather tries to expand them in a sequel that becomes just as interesting and fun as the first. Adam Robitel it continues this teen movie vibe that allows you to connect with the main characters and even the villain. It reminds us of the saga of Final destination in its best moments.

The premise, although it is the same as the previous film, manages to be just as effective and rewarding thanks to the fact that the gore continues and the most creative ways of dying continue.


When something is effective there is no need to change it, and the producers of this film know this very well. They continue with the original idea without adding many variations that affect the core of the premise. They have even kept a low profile, and despite the fact that the first part generated more than $ 150 million, in this sequel they have only invested $ 15 million, hoping it manages to maintain that semi independent vibe that worked so well for them in the original version.

The original film felt like a teenage horror movie, full of easy and uncomplicated dialogues that fell into the cliché, this sequel repeats the same successes and errors of the first. If you didn’t like that one, you won’t like this new version.

In summary

Escape Room (Escape Room 2: Reto Mortal) is an exciting teen horror / thriller film that repeats the same formula that worked in the first.

The director does not try to innovate or be too creative, he continues on the same course as two years ago but, in this case, that is the best of the film. A formula that has not lost its freshness so far.

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In Escape Room 2 the clock ticks again in new deadly challenges that fill us with excitement, but … – Spoiler Time