‘Innocent’ returns with another case of false culprit and is not the only series that is renewed every season

The British production ‘Innocent’ returns to 13th Street. The second season maintains the plot of an unjustly imprisoned person who is released from prison and must rebuild his life while looking for the true perpetrator of the crime, but he does so with a different case and a cast renovated. The Sinner, Manhunt or La Caza are other examples of anthological series.

By Maria G. Lomas – 06 Oct 2021

They say that the good if brief twice good, and that seems to be the late motive of some of the series that we are going to review below and that, Conceived as anthologies, they renew the plot and the cast each season. We start with the return from Innocent to Calle 13 with a new case that, this time, it is reopened five years after the crime after the release of the person who was originally convicted.

In its first season in 2018, the series traced in its four episodes a thriller one of those in which all the characters are suspects. Behind the David Collins (Lee Ingleby) released from prison for conviction reversal that has kept him in jail for seven years the case of the murder of his wife Tara is reopened. The one that seemed like a perfect marriage was not so and the mission of the detective Cathy Hudson (Angel Coulby) It is to find out who, of all the suspects, has murdered the victim.

The second season of ‘Innocent’ tells a different case also centered on a wrongly accused person.

In the same way, the second installment promises to keep the public in suspense until they know who is behind the murder of Matty Taylor, a 16-year-old teenager killed with a broken bottle of cider five years ago, a five-year period that Professor Sally Wright has spent in jail. Leading the investigation this time will be the troublesome Mike Braithwaite.

The two seasons are engaging thanks to the fact that they have good plots, surprising endings, solid casts and the experience in the creation of Chris Lang (Unforgotten) in perfect alliance with Matthew Arlidge (Cape Wrath).

Bill Pullman is Harry Amborse, researcher and only regular character from both seasons of 'The Sinner'.
Bill Pullman is Harry Amborse, researcher and only regular character from both seasons of ‘The Sinner’. / Netflix

There are other series that follow the same line and that, if you have not seen them already, they will also hook you. One is The Sinner that focuses on why common characters with the most routine lives can at one point commit terrible crimes. In its three seasons, more than looking for who did what it delves into the emotional and psychological journey that leads to it. Jessica Biel stars in the first season playing his first role in a series like Cora, an exemplary woman who is married, is a mother and has a model life until she murders a man. As the only fixed actor in the series we find Bill Pullman as researcher Harry Ambrose and that in the second season, he returns to his hometown to investigate the murder of a couple at the hands of their 13-year-old son. The latest installment starts from a car accident that, in a turn of events, turns out to be one of the most difficult cases for Ambrose.

Police investigations and the thriller genre is the one that best lends itself to this type of anthological fiction and a great example is Manhunt: Unabomber. The Serie each season follows the hunt for a criminal by the FBI. Ted Kaczynski (Paul Bettany) he is the terrorist who between the 80s and the 90s terrorized the United States by sending package bombs. Sam Worthington plays agent James ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald who will become obsessed with searching that spans several years.

Manhunter: deadly games, the second season of the crime drama focuses on the story of security officer Richard Jewell (Cameron Britton) and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics terrorist attack. Praised as a hero for saving a large number of lives after finding the suspicious package, Jewell was later considered a suspect in the terrorist act.. Throughout ten episodes the investigation of the agents is narrated Stacy Knox (Kelly Jenrette) y Jack Brennan (Gethin Anthony) and Jewell’s attempt to clear his name.

With four seasons, The killing is longer than the rest of the series in this compilation, although it is true that the first two seasons deal with the same case, the disappearance of Rosie Larsen whose corpse will be found at the bottom of a lake. Set in Seattle, the case has political implications in the middle of an election campaign for mayor and Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) She is the agent in charge of the investigation. Following the resolution of the case at the end of the second season, the third installment leads to Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman), the agent who replaces Linden after his retirement, to investigate a disappearance that uncovers a series of connected murders. After its cancellation, the series landed on Netflix with a fourth season that addresses a new case and that closes the plots of the fixed characters of the series.

Although in the case of Broadchurch the first two seasons covered the same case, the third represented a new challenge for the researchers who, in this case, are the same: David Tenant as tormented detective Alec Hardy and Olivia Colman as Ellie Miller. The first season deals with the investigation of the murder of a child from the small town that gives its name to the series and in which all its inhabitants seem suspicious. The second installment revolves around a rape case that takes place during a party in which again there are many candidates for perpetrators of the crime.

We cannot forget the recent Spanish series of two installments, The hunt. Monteperdido and The hunt. Tramuntana. In both, The series is set in small towns and the investigation is carried out by UCO agent Sara Campos (Megan Montaner). The hunt. Monteperdido narrates the search for two young people disappeared in a town in the Aragonese Pyrenees revolutionizing the lives of some neighbors, very jealous of their privacy. In the second season the action moves to Mallorca where a man is murdered in front of three teenagers. The case is different but the investigating team is again made up of Campos and the corporal Victor Gamero (Alain Hernández), who joins Jungle (Félix Gómez).


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‘Innocent’ returns with another case of false culprit and is not the only series that is renewed every season