10 3DS games to download before the eShop closes

Game News 10 3DS games to download before the eShop closes

Recently, Nintendo announced that the eShop for the 3DS and Wii U will be shut down permanently. On this occasion, we offer you a selection of games on Nintendo’s portable console to download before they are no longer accessible.

Some precisions

This article only concerns games available only on the eShop of the 3DS and which will therefore soon disappear, rather than games released in boxes but difficult to find.

Attack of the Friday Monsters!

Attack of the Friday Monsters! is a title that is part of Guild02, a collection of three small games for the 3DS developed by Level-5 (better known for Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven or Yokai Watch) in which we also find Bugs vs Tanks! and The Starship Damrey. In the case of Attack of the Friday Monsters!, it is a small adventure game in the Japanese countryside in which we play as Sohta, son of a family who has just arrived on the island of Fuji no Hana. While having fun discovering the island, he will discover through interactions with the inhabitants that strange events take place every Friday, including the appearance of giant monsters. Beyond its adventure aspect, you can also collect fragments from all over the city to obtain monster cards and thus challenge Sohta’s friends to advance in the story.

Crimson Shroud

Part of the Guild01 still developed by Level-5 (which also includes Liberation Maiden and Aero Porter), Crimson Shroud is an RPG signed no more and no less by Yasumi Matsuno, a big name in J-RPG who became known for his work on Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story or Final Fantasy XII. He is the father of the universe of Ivalice. But far from these big budget games, Crimson Shroud is a small game that uses mechanisms inherited from paper role-playing games, with fights punctuated by dice rolls. On the story side, we follow a team of mercenaries who explore ruins to find a powerful artifact while the adventure is essentially told in the form of texts. A title that is reminiscent of what the very recent Voice of Cards series at Square Enix is ​​experimenting with, for example.

Dillon’s Rolling Western

Mix between tower-defense and action game, Dillon’s Rolling Western puts us in the shoes of Dillon, a taciturn and not very talkative armadillo who earns his living by protecting villages that are attacked by monsters at night. In a western atmosphere, you must collect resources and materials during the day to improve the towers that defend the village. Once night falls, the monsters come out of hiding and that’s when the defense part begins. While the turrets do the heavy lifting, you can also go after your opponents directly thanks to the skills of your armadillo, which can roll up into a ball and rush at its enemies to do big damage. In total, 10 villages are to be protected for three days and the further you advance, the more powerful your defenses will become. With its friendly and effective concept, the title was even entitled to a sequel the following year with Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, still on 3DS.


Developed by Game Freak (yes, the studio behind Pokémon), HarmoKnight is a mix between rhythm game and platformer in cute and colorful graphics. We control a small character named Tempo with a very simple gameplay since the latter moves alone to the right of the screen while the player simply has a button to jump and another to kick. of lacrosse. However, if the title offers simple gameplay, it requires respecting the rhythm of the music with precision or risk losing life points. Boss fights will even require you to memorize and then replicate entire keystroke streaks to avoid losing the game too quickly. As the adventure progresses, you also unlock new characters who have their own characteristics. Rhythm game requires, the soundtrack has been the subject of particular care.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars

The latest game in the Mario vs Donkey Kong saga, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars is a puzzle game in which you have to create an optimal path so that small mechanical toys bearing the image of Mario can reach the exit of the level. The latter advance on their own and you will therefore have to place different types of platforms to bring them safely to their objective. However, Mario is not the only one to be entitled to his toy version since there are also other figures from the Nintendo universe such as Peach or Toad. If the game has about sixty basic courses, it was possible to create your own levels to share them with other players on the internet.

After the Mario Strikers series, Nintendo tried its hand at football games with a small title available on the 3DS eShop: Nintendo Pocket Football Club. However, there is no question here of directly controlling its players on the field since it is actually a management game closer to Football Manager for example, but with simpler mechanics. As the manager of the team, you will have to take your team as far as possible by choosing the most adequate training and the strategy of the players for each match. The title also shines with its very simple pixel art graphics, but with undeniable charm.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies / Spirit of Justice

While it is one of the great Capcom franchises, the series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney saw two of its episodes released only on the eShop of the 3DS and not in physical in Europe, namely Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, respectively the fifth and sixth episodes of the series. Big novelties of these episodes, we embody this time three different characters, namely Phoenix Wright, Athena Cykes and Apollo Justice. As usual in the saga, these games make you alternate between investigative sequences and trial phases in which it will be necessary to detect inconsistencies during interrogations for example. Unfortunately, both titles are only available in English, which can be detrimental for titles that rely so heavily on text.

Pullbox / Pushmo

Known in North America as Pushmo, Pullblox is a puzzle game developed by Intelligent Systems to whom we owe Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, Wario Ware and Advance Wars. Far from these great Nintendo licenses, Pullbox puts us in the shoes of a small character named Mallo who goes to the rescue of children trapped in huge puzzle blocks. To help them, our hero can push or pull blocks, as the title of the game suggests, to build a path that will lead him to the child prisoners in each structure. If the basic game is rather generous with around 250 puzzles, it is also possible to create your own pullbox and share it with other players using QR codes. The game got a sequel the following year with Fallblox, still on 3DS.

Siesta Fiesta

If the brick-busting genre seems somewhat outdated, Mojo Bones has tried to bring it back to the fore with Siesta Fiesta on 3DS. In the role of the racket supposed to return the ball, we find the bed of Siesta, a man who snores particularly when he sleeps, who will have to discover Fiestaville in a funny way. The opportunity for the player to visit eight varied regions with different power-ups, but also boss fights. The whole adventure is depicted through colorful graphics, especially thanks to the Piñata Blocks that can be broken.

Omasse’s Weapon Shop

Omasse’s Weapon Shop is a special RPG because instead of allowing you to take on the role of the hero who will save the world, you play as a blacksmith whose goal is to create the best weapons to help the heroes save the world. With his very humorous tone, the player must therefore respond to the requests of his customers by forging the requested equipment. To do this, the forging phases take the form of different little rhythm games. A light adventure therefore signed once again by Level-5 which has developed a large number of small games for Nintendo’s portable console.

Some bonus suggestions:

  • 3D OutRun
  • Aero Porter
  • BoxBoy!
  • Bugs vs Tanks
  • Liberation Maiden
  • My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Nintendo 3D Classics
  • Nintendo Badge Arcade
  • Pocket Card Jockey
  • The Starship Damrey

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10 3DS games to download before the eShop closes