6 biggest HP bags in video games!

Game News 6 biggest HP bags in video games!

In your long and beautiful life as a player, you have inevitably come across bosses with particularly high hit points, making – at first glance anyway – the fight completely unbalanced. In this article, we take a tour of the worst creatures of the genre. Beasts with way too many HP.

Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XII)

And we start right away with Final Fantasy XII, the twelfth installment of the famous Square Enix franchise, originally released in 2007 on PlayStation 2. Of course, as usual, the series has sometimes very complex fights – and epic -, proportional to the great adventure lived by the heroes and the players. So hold on tight, here is Yiazmat, described as the “ultimate” boss of the game. He is not even considered a classic boss, but a “superboss” (although optional). This kind of big gray dragon with orange and blue rings would have in store more than 50 million hit points. And as if that weren’t enough, the bugger can unleash a devastating attack that can take you down in one hit, in a fight that can last for hours. In short, a great moment.

Adamantoise (Final Fantasy XV)

6 biggest HP bags in video games!

Still on the side of the Square Enix license, let’s continue with Adamantoise, a huge creature from Final Fantasy XV. Just like Yiazmat, it is an optional superboss, next to which it is quite possible to pass. And that makes all the more sense here, insofar as the beast can be confused with a mountain. The rocky structure actually serves as a shell for a gigantic turtle which (as you can imagine) carries a hell of a lot of life points, more than 5 million PV to be exact. Ten times less than the big boss of Final Fantasy XII therefore, but the life bar here is calculated according to the maximum power of the player. In any case, the fight can therefore last a lot of time: online, we can see battles that oscillate between 45min and 1h30. Note that Adamantoise is a recurring monster in the license.

Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts)

6 biggest HP bags in video games!

Once again a connection with the Final Fantasy series but this time in a very different game: Kingdom Hearts first of the name, arrived at the base in 2002 – not what to rejuvenate us – on PS2. You probably know the series, which mixes Square Enix and Disney licenses. What to find in the founding opus and the second part a certain Sephiroth, very famous antagonist of Final Fantasy VII. In both of these games, he is the “ultimate secret boss” according to the series’ Official Fandom, recognized as the toughest enemy in the first episode. Beyond his number of life points (no doubt colossal) Sephiroth is outstanding for a reason: his first life bar is invisible. At first, you will therefore have the impression of not doing any damage to him, when in reality you have to work hard to succeed. A real little trickster, this Sephiroth.

Ur Dragon / online version (Dragon’s Dogma)

6 biggest HP bags in video games!

After Yiazmat, here comes another dragon that has (too) many health points: the Ur Dragon from Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s famous Action-RPG. But beware, we are talking here about the version of the beast that can be found online, much more ferocious than the one that appears when the player is not connected to the internet. According to several estimates, the beast would have 3 billion – yes yes – hit points. No need to draw a picture to tell you how huge it is. Above all, the power of the monster can vary according to many parameters. To succeed, you will have to show patience, power, ensuring that your team is high level.

Trillion (Trillion God of Destruction)

6 biggest HP bags in video games!

Have you ever heard of Trillion God of Destruction? It is a Japanese role-playing game developed by the Compile Heart studio and released on PC and PlayStation Vita between 2015 and 2016 depending on the country. And in its genre, it’s a pretty original title, which mixes both tactical elements with… dating simulation. The idea is simple: you have to befriend six demon lords so that they become able to fight Trillion, the big villain of the adventure and incidentally the only boss. And you see it coming, with such a name, the ultimate enemy of the game has a lot of hit points: trillion PV to be exact (1,000,000,000,000). Trillion God of Destruction will therefore require the player to refine his strategy more than reason, and to take advantage of the skills of each demon lord.

Mutant Ivy (Hyper Rogue)

6 biggest HP bags in video games!

So for this time, we are going to another dimension: Hyper Snape, a rogue-lite that offers an adventure in a “non-Euclidean” world. Basically, a world where two normally parallel lines can now meet. The game thus takes the form of a large circle, the ends of which allow you to see the places to be explored in the distance. A particularly confusing concept, which it is just as much as one of its bosses: Mutant Ivy. This is a huge plant which is obviously infinite and whose life bar is just as infinite. Indeed, its branches unfold exponentially, revealing four new “leaves” after each branching, and so on. To beat it, it would therefore be necessary to destroy these leaves one by one, or else find its root. But given the complexity of the whole, it will not be easy.

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6 biggest HP bags in video games!