A gaming desk with a library on sale!

News good plan A gaming desk with a library on sale!

We were talking to you yesterday about a loft bed particularly suitable for gamer use. The same brand produces a desk and bookcase set on Cdiscount, again, which goes from €521 to €399, not including the code AFFAIRE20 which further reduces the price by -20%. An excellent deal if you liked the bed and want to buy yourself a desk in the same style.

Desk set + gaming library: store, store and more store

We are not going to judge your setup PC on the number of storage spaces it offers, but finally, it’s still classier if your Samsung Odyssey G9 and your RTX 3070 aren’t rubbing shoulders with a junkyard of wires and goodies placed all over the place.

Buy the desk + gamer library set for €399 at Cdiscount

Of course, if you are a bit of a handyman, you can always assemble the office of your dreams yourself with a few boards and a little paint (but above all a jigsaw and a sander). If we don’t have any of this, there is the Parisot brand which gratifies us with a piece of furniture that brings together everything we could wish for on a 2022 desk.

First you have a specific location for your tower, raised in order to have all your connectors within easy reach, and to allow a small recess below to store various boxes.

Office has a screen riser of 150 mm so as not to twist your neck and above all to make room below to accommodate your keyboard and other peripherals of your choice, such as your Stream Deck for example. On the screen riser, you can also put your speakers for example, depending on the size of your screen.

Don’t have a mouse pad? No problem:the play area has a compatible surface with optical mice. On the left of the desk is a quickly accessible closed storage and a hook to store the headphones.

One massive library to rule them all

The library that goes with it is frankly classy, ​​with its two oblique and symmetrical doors that can be placed on the left or on the right.

In the center is a small niche with a glass top illuminated by an LED kitultimate for displaying figurines and other collectibles.

Cherry on the cake, the desk comes with its LED kit included, as well as a remote control to adjust it from a distance.

For the price, it’s a set of two gamer furniture that has thought of everything and that will allow you to store all your equipment in order to show only the most important: your machine and your personalized environment. It’s also important to feel good at your desk.

Buy the desk + gamer library set for €399 at Cdiscount

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A gaming desk with a library on sale!