Amazon is closing its flash sales soon. It’s now or never

News good deal Amazon is closing its flash sales soon. It’s now or never

We are used to jokes during the month of April, but less often to huge promotions launched by Amazon! With the spring flash sales operation ending very soon, this beginning of April has benefited from a lot of products at bargain prices. To take advantage of it, it’s now or never!

Amazon’s spring flash sale has been in full swing for several days now and we’re nearing the end. Many interesting products are still on sale even though it’s not even black friday.

Is an internal error involved? Did the trainee get the date wrong? A Jeff Bezos prank? Be that as it may, Amazon has its head on its shoulders and there are many good deals to be had, to the delight of all buyers during the few days that remain.


  • From April 1 to 13: Amazon cuts prices on many references and drops Easter eggs early!
  • Only a few days left to take advantage of Amazon’s spring flash sales

From April 1 to 13: Amazon cuts prices on many references and drops Easter eggs early!

Tick ​​tock, tick tock… The clock is ticking and if you’re not careful, you’ll soon be like the rabbit.‘Alice in Wonderland ! Indeed, these are the last moments to take advantage of the wave of offers that are offered by Amazon for these spring flash sales.

Access the Spring Flash Sale at Amazon

But what are these “spring flash sales” everyone is talking about?

These are offers on various products, ranging from headsets to keyboards, smartphones, televisions, PC screens to the most diverse accessories.

If we are used to this kind of reductions during the winter sales, which have already passed and those of summer, which will not arrive for a while, it is much rarer to see them arrive in the month of april !

It took Amazon’s decision, which thought that offering offers during this off-peak period was the best idea. And clearly, we really want to take advantage of it!

But time is passing… And such interesting offers will soon come to an end. Prices will then go up and it will be too late for reductions. So if you want to equip yourself, it’s now or never during these last days of flash sales!

Only a few days left to take advantage of Amazon’s spring flash sales

These flash sales started on April 1 and will end this Wednesday, April 13. They should clearly not be missed if you need a television or any electronic equipment.

Amazon has a great chance in the e-commerce market: having a gigantic catalog filled with hundreds and thousands of references at all prices.

So when he wants to embark on massive reductions and thus get ahead of the competition, he does not have much to hesitate.

Whether in the field of gaming or gardening, there is literally everything a few clicks away. And when you are in a field, high-tech, where prices are often very high, reductions like that are a must and decide when you can afford to replace or improve your equipment.

However, who says flash sales, also says limited stocks! You will need to think quickly about the offers you find or risk seeing your product sold out when you click to pay.

Access the Spring Flash Sale at Amazon

To benefit from these offers, nothing complicated. Just go to the dedicated page on the Amazon site linked above.

The only rules are as follows: the offers are valid until Wednesday, April 13 at 11:59 p.m. and subject to available stocks.

At the time this article is published, there are therefore a little less than 3 days left to take advantage of it!

It’s the last hours of this Amazon spring flash sale and the prices are still so tempting! It’s now or never to take advantage of this selection of the best offers that we have unearthed for you in this labyrinth of discounts.

  • The best SSD to boost your PS5 storage is available under $170 Directly recommended by Mark Cerny, the chief architect of the PlayStation 5, this is currently THE best SSD for the console. With 1 TB of storage, you’ll have enough to store many games, including the most demanding ones. If its version without heatsink was already excellent, its addition allows it to be a turnkey solution for the console and even for a good PC gamer. It is clearly a reference on which one can count.
  • Stay seated to discover the price of this flexispot electric sit-stand desk (available at 199€). If many streamers have decided to switch to electric sit-stand desks, there is a good reason. And that reason: it’s comfort. When you telecommute, you often find yourself sitting for hours. Even on the most comfortable of chairs, it will end up being problematic for your back. This type of desk allows you to work standing up very easily and get back into a seated position whenever you want. Only one beneficiary, but it’s worth it: your back.
  • No need to go broke to boost the memory of your switch with this card for less than 25 €! Where PS5 players sometimes have to spend over $100 to add storage, on the Switch things are a lot cheaper. All you need is a good SD card and presto! It is all good. We can even afford the luxury of taking quality with SanDisk in the colors of Nintendo. And the best part is that this SD card is an official licensed accessory!
  • “Reality is often disappointing… Now reality can be what I want.”, no disappointment with this discount on the Lego Infinity Gauntlet. Ready to snap your fingers and make like the most charismatic villain of recent years? With this realistic replica with articulated fingers, you can immortalize one of the iconic moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And as always with LEGO, if the result is magnificent, so is the building experience. Once finished, it can sit proudly in your living room, on your desk or in your stream decor. And you will know one thing: you built it!
  • The most effective choice to boost the memory of your PS5 is on sale at only 156 € Not too interested in Western Digital? The second choice for your PS5 (and your PC) is clearly this NVMe SSD from Samsung: the 980 Pro. With slightly lower performance than its competitor, it is a perfect choice for all brand enthusiasts who want to increase their storage capacity. Like all PS5 compatible products, here we have a heat sink integrated into this SSD.
  • In the series of excellent headphones, there is the Philips Fidelio X2HR/00 which, during these flash sales, goes for less than 100 €! It is a high res headset, which will bring you an excellent sound experience with all the comfort that headphones can offer. Breathable memory foam earpads are there to let you enjoy the sound without hurting your ears. The very design of the headphones is an advantage, since it was chosen specifically to make the high frequencies more pleasant. Its powerful 50mm speakers will reproduce the music in the best possible way for your purest hearing pleasure.
  • For only €129, this 1TB Crucial P5+ SSD is perfect for boosting your PC! Competition is fierce in the world of SSDs and between the WD_SN850, the 980 Pro from Samsung and this Crucial P5+, we sometimes do not know where to turn. With this Crucial NVMe SSD, there’s something for everyone! With it, you have access to excellent features without breaking the bank, whether you are a hardcore gamer, a professional or a creative. If it is compatible with the PS5, however, you will need to add a heat sink for this.
  • The excellent Logitech G203 mouse loses half its price!. While not as popular as its big sister the G502, this mouse is a great choice to start gaming! For only €20, you will have access to all of Logitech’s know-how in the field of gaming mice. At this price, no frills, but that’s exactly what we ask of it. Note however that it has 6 different buttons and simple but really pretty RGB lighting. It is efficient and very precise in play and will accompany you for many years, until you want to move up the range or test the wireless.
  • The 4th generation Echo Dot is also half price! What better than a discounted Amazon product to close this compilation of the best offers from Amazon’s spring flash sales. The Echo Dot is one of the best connected speakers on the market. With its voice assistant Alexa, you will be able to control all of your connected devices by finger, and above all, by voice. Changing a lighting or sound environment has never been easier. And it works with all other connected devices. If you are well equipped, with the Echo Dot, your whole house is within earshot.

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Amazon is closing its flash sales soon. It’s now or never