Amazon: you can build a home cinema… for 73€

News good plan Amazon: you can build a home cinema… for 73€

When you see the price of 4K televisions and sound bars, it’s not easy to successfully create a home cinema without breaking your wallet and alienating your banker. However, there is a very simple and inexpensive solution that you can find on Amazon, we explain to you.

A home theater with Amazon Echo Dots and FireTV

You may never have thought of it, but it is possible to create a home theater in your home with connected devices. You don’t need to go broke for a soundbar for that. All you need is a Fire Stick TV 4K and compatible Echo devices like 3rd Gen.

Buy 2 Echo Dot (3rd) at 39 € with the code ECHODOT3 on Amazon

Buy the $34 Fire Stick TV 4K on Amazon

No worries about the sound, the Echo Dot are capable of delivering incredible Dolby sound and even downright Dolby Atmos on certain models.

To make your setup, nothing could be simpler. All you need to do is put your three devices on the same network and Amazon account and plug them in. With your smartphone, go to the Alexa application and select “configure the audio system” then select the Home cinema option.

Once this step is over, all you have to do is choose your Amazon Fire Stick TV and configure the Echo Dot as speakers.

A small Amazon Stick for a big upgrade of your TV

Once plugged into the HDMI port of your 4K TV, you can enjoy an incredible cinematic experience with 4K images and support for Dolby Vision or HDR.

With the remote control, you will also have at your leisure to navigate between the different streaming platforms available such as Disney+, Netflix, Prime Video, but also to use Alexa via voice command for research or to control your connected devices.

Overall the Fire Stick TV 4K is a very discreet little device which allows you to actually upgrade your 4K TV if it’s not a Smart TV or just choose your system, all for a really tiny price.

The Amazon Echo Dot, connected speakers with remarkable sound

Like the Fire Stick TV, the Amazon Echo Dot are connected devices available in several models, so we also find the Echo Show, the Echo Plus or even Studio which are however much more expensive.

Here we have chosen the 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot which are more than enough to create a good home cinema setup with the Fire Stick 4K. With its fabric design, these small devices will go largely unnoticed next to your TV and give you rich and powerful stereo sound..

If of course you want to use it as a connected speaker, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite music, to call or send a message to your contacts and above all to be able to control the other devices in your home.

By using the code ECHODOT3 when purchasing the Echo Dot, you can therefore obtain both devices at €39 on Amazon and with the Fire Stick 4K at €34, you can have your complete home cinema for only €73.

Buy 2 Echo Dot (3rd) at 39 € with the code ECHODOT3 on Amazon

Buy the $34 Fire Stick TV 4K on Amazon

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Amazon: you can build a home cinema… for 73€