An old-school Pokémon-Like, a Souls-platformer … The Nintendo Switch releases to watch this week

Game News An old-school Pokémon-Like, a Souls-platformer … The Nintendo Switch releases to watch this week

A new week begins and with it comes new experiences for players around the world. After the release of Kirby last Friday, it’s hard to hit as hard on the Nintendo side. Besides, there are no big games planned for Nintendo Switch in the next seven days. But that doesn’t mean the Nintendo eshop is short of small indie experiences to check out.

Vengeful Heart

Originally released on PC on August 28, 2020, Vengeful Heart is coming to Nintendo’s console this week. This is a visual novel immersing you in a dystopian universe. Human actions have made the planet so sick that clean water and plants have become scarce commodities. In this terrible context, it is the big companies that have taken power, exacerbating the gap between the richest and the poorest. Coming from below, Joséphine Lace thought she could climb the ladder to ensure a quiet little life at the top. But those above had no intention of leaving him a small place. Left for dead, penniless and homeless, Josephine will find a new goal: join the rebels and get revenge.

  • Release date: 03/29/2022

Agent Intercept

We continue with another title which, after having been a launch title for the Apple Arcade, will be invited on Nintendo Switch in particular: Agent Intercept. If spy movies sometimes seem ridiculous to you, you might like the concept. Indeed, this action game proposes to parody the films of the genre. And to do this, he invites you to take control of an ultra-advanced spy vehicle, the Sceptre. Knock out the CLAW members with your gadgets while racing down the track, all without forgetting to perform improbable stunts. Whether you’re skiing down the slopes or exploring the skies, keep the most important things in mind: do it all in style… and possibly save the world in the process.

  • Release date: 30/03/2022

Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King

Just under three years after its initial release, Shattered: Tale of The Forgotten King comes to cross swords on Nintendo Switch. As a reminder, this action-RPG with platformer impulses immerses you in a world in disuse, bruised by the disappearance of its King. Your goal as a Traveler is to trace the history and fall of this world’s civilization. To do this, you will need to collect the testimonies of the few survivors crossing your path. But be careful, because some are not as harmless as they seem. Many dangers await you, giving rise to epic battles. Unfortunately, we found them to be a little stiff and not that enjoyable, especially for a Souls-like. But thanks to his DA very well licked, he still got away with it. a nice 14 out of 20.

  • Release date: 30/03/2022


If you’re nostalgic for the 2D Pokémon of yesteryear, you might like what follows. Indeed, TRAGsoft and Freedom Games offer us an old-school Pokémon-Like which will notably be available on Nintendo Switch this Thursday. On the program: capturing small monsters, fighting and exploring a new world. Coromon takes you to the lands of Velua. As a young recruit of Lux Solis, your goal is to do field research on the Coromon. But when a mysterious force attacks your workplace, you have a new mission: form the best team in Coromon and take down this terrible threat. The title offers a customizable difficulty system and the ability to battle friends online.

  • Release date: 03/31/2022

Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between

Fans of games with a somewhat special atmosphere will also have something to satisfy their desires this week. Fellow Traveler gives us his new title, this time developed by Silverstring Media inc. Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between. This is an introspective title that pushes you to focus on the journey itself and not the destination. The studio had also begun to explore this path with Glitchhikers: First Drive. The title to come this week promises to be larger, offering a free and surprising narrative journey. The goal ? Answer all these questions that you can ask yourself while driving alone at night. And if loneliness scares you, know that Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between will make you meet various characters, just as unrealistic as this little adventure.

  • Release date: 03/31/2022


Between the conflicts that torment us from within and the battles that we have to wage outside, there is sometimes a link. At least that’s what Crystar advocates. In this action-RPG, you can play as four characters, including the young Rei. She manages to turn her injuries into a strength. Through her tears, she can summon powerful guardians and evolve. And the least we can say is that it will be very useful for him to go through Purgatory and find his sister. However, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by Rei’s inner conflict and past sins. It is only by managing to appease them that you will be able to reach the end of your quest. Note that the title, released on PC and PS4 in 2019, saves generally very positive opinions on Steam (although the Metascore is a little more divided).

Pre-order Crystar on Nintendo Switch for €49 on Amazon

  • Release date: 01/04/2022

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An old-school Pokémon-Like, a Souls-platformer … The Nintendo Switch releases to watch this week