Apple flash sale: the Macbook Air M1 are at a reduced price for a short time!

News good plan Apple flash sale: the Macbook Air M1 are at a reduced price for a short time!

Everyone knows that Apple products are quite expensive. Worse, Apple products are almost never on sale. Today, fnac is breaking this adage by offering a flash sale on all MacBook Air M1!

The MacBook Air gets this name because it’s an ultra-portable computer. Its dimensions of 30.41 x 21.24 x 1.61 cm for a featherweight of 1.29 kg. If you like the Apple ecosystem and don’t work with big, high-demanding software, you absolutely don’t need a MacBook Pro. The Macbook Air is more than enough. Especially since he was entitled to the famous M1 chip.

While promotions on Macs are always exceptional, Fnac is launching a flash sale on all its MacBook Air stock. No matter the color of your choice (Gold, Silver or Space Gray) and the storage capacity you need (256 GB or 500 GB), there will always be between 7% and 9% reduction compared to the initial price of the beast.

This may not seem like a lot to you, but for Apple and for base prices of more than 1000€, it’s still a pretty nice saving. Count 100€ reduction on each model. Thus, the 256 GB MacBook Air goes from 1129€ to 1029€ and those of 512 GB go from 1399€ to 1299€.

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The MacBook Air M1: a laptop better than people say

MaBook Airs don’t have a very good reputation. We understand why: they cost the price of a good 15-inch gaming PC with an RTX 3060 in it and yet these 13-inch computers are mainly used for office automation and the Web.

However, are these bad laptops? Far from there. In its category, the MacBook Air is even one of the best in the world. We explain why.

First, thanks to the finishes. Overall, as always with the apple, the MacBook Air exudes premium. Apple’s “Magic Keyboard” backlit butterfly keyboard is quite unique, and typing is extremely comfortable. The 2560×1600 pixel Retina True Tone screen is still just as beautiful, the recycled aluminum shell still just as solid… in short, you can immediately see that it’s not junk. Using a MacBook Air is comfort.

And then, of course, there’s the inside of the beast. Mac OS, which those accustomed to Windows hate, is, it must be admitted, a refined, ergonomic and efficient operating system. Especially when it is driven by the first processor made in Apple, a chip that has been talked about a lot: the M1.

The M1 allows a power close to the Pro models, with this beautiful beast in your machine, it even becomes possible to go further than basic office automation on the MacBook Air. sound, image editing, or even video editing software can run without too much trouble. With normal use, a MacBook will keep for many years. Nowadays, it is a precious quality.

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Apple flash sale: the Macbook Air M1 are at a reduced price for a short time!