Apple: the iPad Pro almost at the price of an iPad Air!

News good deal Apple: the iPad Pro almost at the price of an iPad Air!

While Apple already had nothing more to prove concerning the dominance of its iPads on the tablet market, they said to themselves that it was necessary to put the M1 chip for this 2021 edition, which sees its price drop on Rue Trade.

Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro, a versatile machine

The finishes are still splendid with flat contours and a screen with equal edges all around, thin but sufficient to avoid accidental touches. The USB-C port allows fast transfers and standardization with the rest of the devices on the market, unlike the iPhone.

Buy the 11-inch iPad Pro (2021) for €815 on Rue du Commerce

The 11-inch format is very interesting, because it does not reach the size of a laptop, but is made to be used a little closer to you and can be carried almost anywhere. It feels like keeping a notebook that brings a lot of flexibility in everyday tasks.

Whether on the train, the plane, the car or just about anywhere in the house, this version is much more practical than its big 12.9-inch sister, with a few euros less.

The screen is still equipped with ProMotion, which ensures a refresh rate of 120 Hz for excellent fluidity in gestures and animations. The colorimetry is excellent, and the brightness exceeds 600 nits, for comfortable use in direct sunlight. Autonomy is similar to the 2020 version, which is positive given that the M1 chip consumes more due to its power.

Apple’s M1 processor for €85 less on rue du commerce

The 2021 iPad Pro is powered by the same processor found in the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and 2021 24-inch iMac.

Our favorite question is: what are we going to do with all this power? Besides opening an incalculable number of applications at the same time, doing photo and video editing, playing the most demanding games, working efficiently and performing augmented reality mapping, not much. These performances also allow this beast of a race to roar for many years with updates guaranteed for at least 7 years.

While this product is already several years ahead of the competition, its price drops from 899€ to 815€, while it has not yet blown out its first candle. Ill comes dangerously close to its little brother, the iPad Air. It is at €699 but only has 64 GB of storage, while the iPad Pro M1 has twice as much with 128 GB.

Buy the 11-inch iPad Pro (2021) for €815 on Rue du Commerce

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Apple: the iPad Pro almost at the price of an iPad Air!