Boost your PS5 with this 1TB SSD without breaking the bank!

News good plan Boost your PS5 with this 1TB SSD without breaking the bank!

Is your PS5 or even your PC starting to seriously run out of storage? The simplest solution would be to opt for the purchase of an SSD. And right now on Amazon, the SSD from Western Digital currently benefits from a discount of 45 euros.

Increase your storage space with this Western Digital 1TB SSD

The current context of shortage of components means that it is not always easy to find equipment at a fair price. And SSDs are no exception to the rule as they have been hit hard by a major flash memory shortage on the market. At the launch of the PS5, a 1TB SSD could sell for up to 300 euros: this is well above the normal price!

Buy the Western Digital 1TB SSD on Amazon for €169

Fortunately, we are now starting to find some at a more or less normal price, and this is the case today with this 1 TB SSD from Western Digital sold by Amazon. The SSD is currently priced at 169 euros instead of the 215 euros previously displayed, which makes it a very good opportunity.

And the owners of the PS5 know it perfectly well: if the base PS5 embeds a rather powerful SSD, the storage capacity of the console remains clearly insufficient. But thanks to an update made in September 2021, you have the possibility of exploiting the dedicated expansion port integrated into the PS5 to place a second SSD there.

Initially, the PS5 has an 825 GB SSD of which 158 GB is dedicated to the operating system, and in summary, you will only have 667 GB available to store your games, which can require an average of 30 GB. But with a second 1TB SSD, your storage capacity will be more than doubled!

Amazon lowers the price of this 1 TB SSD: an essential accessory for the PS5!

They were few in number at the start, but now the number of references available on the market compatible with the PS5 have multiplied, but only 4 references stand out. It’s about
WD Black SN850

Samsung 980 Pro

Seagate FireCuda 530 and finally of
Crucial P5 Plus


Good to know : Western Digital’s SSD has a basic heat sink. This is a huge advantage since you won’t need to shell out more money to use your SSD without risking ruining your hardware. Admittedly, a heat sink is not very expensive (count between 10 euros and 30 euros at the most), but it’s always what you save that stays in your pocket!

Indeed, on PS5 the SSD must not heat up too much and the presence of a heat sink is necessary in order to avoid any malfunction.

Normally sold at a price of 215 euros on Amazon, you can get the SSD from Western Digital at the advantageous price of 169 euros. This is a very good deal!

Buy the Western Digital 1TB SSD on Amazon for €169

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Boost your PS5 with this 1TB SSD without breaking the bank!