Buying the AirPods 2 does not cost much anymore

News good deal Buying the AirPods 2 does not cost much anymore

Not so long ago, seeing the AirPods 2, big stars in the small world of wireless headphones, at this price was a sign of a very nice promotion. Now, Apple’s Bluetooth headphones seem to have found their price stability at just $119. Even more need for promo to have a very good value for money on an Apple product, it’s worth celebrating.

AirPods 2: price of benchmark wireless headphones stabilizes at low level

While long deemed a bit pricey, the AirPods 2 seem to have found a new stable price. At launch, they were worth around €170. Then, they were around 150€ for a long time. Very recently, Apple finally released the AirPods 3. They are not radically different from the AirPods 2 in what they offer, but the Apple brand has been forced to lower the price of the AirPods 2 once again.

Today, therefore, we find them at only 119€ on Amazon. Level value for money, hard to do better. If you have an iPhone and still no AirPods, there’s not too much reason to hesitate.

Buy AirPods 2 at 119€ on Amazon

Let’s take a little leap in time. Remember the launch of AirPods? Maybe you were part of this huge mass of people who didn’t believe it at all. Paying more “just” to cut a thread seemed too strange. And then, it’s true what, people looked stupid in public transport with “cotton swabs in their ears”.

A few years later, all the competing brands started mass-producing True Wireless headphones. At the level of the general public, the overwhelming majority of people have understood how much this small technological advance changes everything on a daily basis. In 2022, AirPods are recognized as great headphones, almost essential for any iPhone owner.

The AirPods 2 deliver on every promise they make. Ultra-stable and almost instantaneous connection, good battery life, forgettable format, excellent microphone for wireless, ultra-intuitive controls, high-quality finish… you have to be really in bad faith not to recognize the good work of the apple mark.

Apple AirPods 2 are better wireless headphones than you think

Let’s take a quick tour of what awaits AirPods owners.

  • Autonomy of 5 hours (the box contains 3 full charges, i.e. 15 hours of autonomy);
  • Extremely simple pairingespecially on IOS;
  • A stable connection thanks to Bluetooth 5.0;
  • One very good hands free kit thanks to the directional microphones;
  • Compatibility with Siri.

Yes, AirPods are practical and qualitative on all levels. But don’t ask them to do what they weren’t designed to do. For example, the AirPods 2 do not have active or passive noise reduction (for that, you need AirPods Pro). You will have your earphones in your ears while hearing people talking to you or cars arriving at the pedestrian crossing. Some people prefer not to be cut off from the world, others want to isolate themselves. It’s for you to see.

Secondly, the AirPods 2 are not designed to be very high-end earphones but perfect earphones for the general public, often unable to clearly differentiate between the sound quality of good earphones (like AirPods) and very good headphones (like other models 2 times more expensive). Don’t make us say what we don’t say: the sound is very good, precise, ample and clear, especially at the level of the mediums. We just want to remind you that the purpose of the product is not to replace audiophile headphones.

The strength of AirPods lies in their ease of everyday use and their versatility. They almost manage to be forgotten. That’s what changes everything.

Buy AirPods 2 at 119€ on Amazon

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Buying the AirPods 2 does not cost much anymore