Dark Souls 3: can we finish the game without walking? Apparently yes

news tip Dark Souls 3: can we finish the game without walking? Apparently yes

If you’re a fan of Dark Souls III, you probably know that players love to set themselves more or less realistic challenges. One of the most recent challenges aims to complete the game without walking. Obviously, it’s possible, but trying the experiment may be right for your mental health…

Challenge or punishment?

Dark Souls III, the third installment in From Software’s Dark Souls saga, hit our screens just 6 years ago. The addition of Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City DLCs resulted in a full version launching the following year, which many consider a very good conclusion to the dark fantasy license. Dark Souls III remains an iconic title in the gaming world to this day, even though it was recently overshadowed by the Japanese studio’s most recent release: Elden Ring. Moreover, the latest from From Software certainly owes its success to Dark Souls, which have made it possible to create demand in terms of so-called “difficult” games and to retain a community fond of challenges.

Even today, players take pleasure in transforming this title and concocting new challenges., whether it’s through a mind-blowing mod that mixes another From Software license into Dark Souls III or by ending the game with just one button press. Fans of the atypical universe created by the Japanese studio ask for more again and again, and even if many players are now concerned about the possibilities offered by Elden Ring, others continue to push the limits of the possible by challenging themselves which, admittedly, may seem unachievable to those unfamiliar with the ingenuity of the community, but which do find their audience among Soulsborne fans:

Let’s go stabbing

Dark Souls 3: can we finish the game without walking? Apparently yes

Ymfaha YouTuber specializing in crazy challenges for games such as Bloodborne, Elden Ring, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and of course Dark Souls III, challenged himself to finish the latter… without walking. For many it may seem impossible, but Ymfah has a technique all his own that allowed him to achieve this feat. in less than 24 hours of play. To do this, the player first has disabled his left stickthen chose to embody a Thief class character, and this for many reasons :

The first is the fact that the Thieves begin the adventure with a bandit daggera bladed weapon that has the ability Workaround. Coupled with the basic attack, this ability allows Ymfah to move through the realm of Lothric, and while they’re both very handy for moving forward, they are not so much for turning. This is what makes the Thief even more interesting for this type of challenge, because it also has a bow whose aiming mode allows you to determine the direction in which the character will go, similar to the auto-aim system in the presence of enemies. Armed with his dagger and his bow, Ymfah can therefore undertake the long path that will lead him to the Ashes of the Lords, as you can see in the following video:

And you, have you ever tried to complete a “Soulsborne” with one or more handicaps? What techniques have you tried? Tell us everything in the comments!

Summary of the Dark Souls III walkthrough

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Dark Souls 3: can we finish the game without walking? Apparently yes