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On the program of this Daily, this final season of Attack on Titan is probably not the end, we may have a clue about the Elden Ring DLC ​​and finally, 1 million accounts have been banned on Lost Ark.


  • Attack on Titan’s Season Finale Wouldn’t Be the Conclusion
  • Elden Ring: the game would hide a clue about a future DLC
  • Lost Ark: 1 million accounts banned

Attack on Titan’s Season Finale Wouldn’t Be the Conclusion

Currently, Attack on Titan Season 4 is airing. This is referred to as the “final season”. However, we learn on the networks that the latter should end in chapter 130 of the manga when it is finished after 139 chapters. This rumor comes to us from the insider Spy but is confirmed little by little each week. Indeed, fans find that there are still a lot of elements and few episodes to contain everything. The writing of Hitek looked at the name of the episodes in relation to the chapters and we therefore know that episode 9 corresponds to chapter 127, as there are 3 episodes left the calculation makes us fall back on chapter 130. So, from strong rumors speak of a potential feature film to close the anime in style. A season 4 part 3 (final) could also be a possibility since the author Hajime Isayama was not convinced of the end of his manga and the public either. He ended up making up for it all with an epilogue on the bound volume. It will therefore take a little patience to see how the adaptation of the phenomenon that is the Attack on Titan will end.

Elden Ring: the game would hide a clue about a future DLC

Elden Ring is unanimous whether it’s the public or the press, the game is already emerging as the game of the year 2022. And although many have certainly not finished all the bosses of the software, more content would still not be refused. A surfer has made the impressive discovery of a normally inaccessible arena. Thanks to a mod, the player Lance McDonald crossed the walls and then contemplated the immense and perfectly modeled but also perfectly empty monument. So we can be optimistic that this is a potential DLC that will feature building and even maybe a multiplayer-centric update. Thus, we could fight other players and our friends in this arena in Player versus Player. It remains to be seen whether this would be 1v1 or team clashes. Note that this building is not the only one since a colosseum is still closed too so you will have to show a little patience to see if it is indeed additional content in preparation or not. all.

Lost Ark: 1 million accounts banned

Since the launch of Lost Ark, the game servers are often saturated and it does not really improve over time. What does not facilitate access to the servers is above all the number of bots that populate each kingdom. The developers then recently announced that they had made a wave of banning accounts perceived to be bots. The possibility of error is not zero so if it is impossible to connect, do not worry, it will be enough to make a complaint ticket to find your account. The latter have also declared that they still have work to do on this point and it is therefore not impossible that a second wave of banishments will take place. Regarding server congestion, the developers recalled why they are unable to expand the realms and therefore the problem would still remain.

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Elden Ring: a clue to a potential DLC? – jeuxvideo.com