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At the rendezvous of this daily, we dust off exclusive Playstation licenses, new record figures for Elden Ring and finally, images of the live action One Piece


  • PlayStation is about to relaunch 2 old licenses
  • Elden Ring impressive new numbers
  • We have new images of the One Piece series in live action

PlayStation is about to relaunch 2 old licenses

Sony has a lot of exclusivity and plays a lot of it, especially on the most recent licenses. However, the oldest ones are still present in the hearts of players but according to the insider AccountNGT, the same as for Star Wars Eclipse, some of them are under development. This would be particularly the case for Sly Cooper, which goes hand in hand with recent rumors about the return of the license of the raccoon burglar. And it would not be the only one in this case since InFamous would also be in development. Both games come from Sucker Punch studios, which released the most recent Ghost of Tsushima. AcountNGT also talks about a showcase for the month of March with Hogwarts Legacy which would have a part of the presentation with a new trailer of unpublished information. During this Showcase and still according to him, Square Enix could announce a new date for Forspoken and therefore postpone the game.

Elden Ring impressive new numbers

Elden Ring is a great success, it’s the game of the moment and this is confirmed with new figures. The game would notably have the best launch in the United Kingdom since Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, thus doing better than Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla or the very recent Horizon: Forbidden West. According to Game Industry figures, Elden Ring even sold twice as much as Horizon released a week earlier. 68% of software sales would be digital, largely represented by the PC and Xbox versions. If we focus on physical sales, the PS5 represents 32% of boxed sales, 30% on PC, 29% on Xbox and only 9% on PS4. Making 26% more sales than its big brother Dark Souls 3, Elden Ring is then the best-selling From Software game in the UK. To conclude on the fact that Elden Ring is a great success, the game records no less than 891,000 simultaneous players on Steam alone, to compare it one last time to Dark Souls 3, it’s at least 7 times more than this last.

We have new images of the One Piece series in live action

Since its announcement, the live action series on the essential manga that is One Piece has divided. It is clear that many fans are afraid for their favorite manga since all previous attempts have been bitter failures, we think in particular of the latest, Cowboy Bebop. Despite this, some fans remain curious and believe in the proper functioning of the series and recent images of the boats of 3 crews in the series could reassure the uncertain. We therefore see the Vogue Merry, the boat of Luffy’s crew as well as the ship of Shanks Le Roux’s crew, the Red Force, and the last galleon is the Miss Love Duck of Alvida. Images that show that a strong budget is concentrated on the series and according to Comic Book sources, it would be more or less 100 million dollars which are dedicated to the first season of 10 episodes. So we come back to about 10 million per episode.

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Elden Ring: incredible launch figures! – jeuxvideo.com