Elden Ring: new world record for finishing the game, but this time without “cheating”

Game News Elden Ring: new world record for finishing the game, but this time without “cheating”

If the Elden Ring speedrun spotlight is on Distortion2’s incredible performance, it’s star0chris who has released his world record. It is in a different category, that of glitchless, that the player has distinguished himself.


  • Elden Ring: a speedrun teeming with categories
  • 30 minutes of preparation and here we go

Elden Ring: a speedrun teeming with categories

We talk about it very regularly in the columns of JV: Elden Ring is the subject of fierce competition in speedrun, a discipline which consists of finishing the game as quickly as possible. It has several categories including any% in which it is enough to complete the game and this does not matter the way. The king of this category is called Distortion2 and regularly posts mind-blowing times. The latest? It took him less than seven minutes to see the end credits.

And if the record is impressive, it is the performance itself that is sometimes considered uninteresting for some. Distortion2 uses zipping, a method where it exploits flaws in the game which allow it to move huge distances. And if such a method requires a certain talent and a certain regularity, it impresses less because no fight is made during all the test… which makes a little the salt of Elden Ring.

30 minutes of preparation and here we go

However, the exploits of Distortion2 fall into the category any% unrestricted run where he can exploit flaws in the game to go faster. On this subject, there are other categories in which players do not allow themselves such an advantage.. This is the case of any% glitchless, where no exploitation of the game is carried out. And on this side is star0chris who holds the world record. It was on April 13 that he posted a video in which he made a world record attempt. During the first part of his attempt, he collects everything he needs before doing the mandatory bosses. He collects the ashes of war Flame, strengthen me, which allows him to increase his physical strength and fire-related attacks. He then arrives at Volcano Manor via the abductor maiden teleport at the bottom of Raya Lucaria and grabs the sword. Viper-Stalker : This is the blade to use to defeat Rykard. It is then with this equipment that he faces one by one the lords of Elden.

An impressive performance (and especially at the end of the fight with his anticipation of movements) which allows him to complete the game in 01 hour 18 minutes and fifty seconds. If such a performance is impossible for the poor mortals that we are, star0chris indicates that he can do better. He admits to having taken a lot of security during his attempt, and considers that this any% glitchless speedrun can be done in just one hour. Wait and see.

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Elden Ring: new world record for finishing the game, but this time without “cheating”