Elden Ring: The game director defends his approach but does not forget the players!

Game News Elden Ring: The game director defends his approach but does not forget the players!

It’s been a few days since Elden Ring, the new game from From Software, is available, and it’s been a hit around the world. Critically acclaimed, played by more than 830,000 players on Steam upon release, the title has established itself as one of the highest rated games in history, and seems to be succeeding in attracting an audience hitherto hermetic to Souls.

Without denying for a second what makes the identity of From Software’s games, Elden Ring totally upsets the approach to the genre. From now on, the players are faced with a huge open world, which we can explore at our leisure. The vicious creatures lurking in the corners are still there, the huge and epic bosses as well, while the overall design is still as twisted and full of secrets.

Miyazaki: between fidelity to his vision and empathy

As per usual, the key to success lies in observing opponents and patience, but this time, players have a mount, and can flee an area too complicated to try their luck elsewhere before returning. In short, without being easier, Elden Ring is more accessible than the studio’s other games. A flexibility that convinced the world press and attracts a whole new audience.

Still, Hidetaka Miyazaki’s games are known for their high standards, a requirement that curious players cannot overcome. Recently questioned on this subject by the New-Yorker, the director of Elden Ring defended his approach, while apologizing to players who feel excluded:

I’ve never been a very good player. So, in my work, I want to answer the question: if death should be more than a mark of failure, how can it be given meaning? How to make death pleasant? I apologize to anyone who thinks there is too much to overcome in my games. I just want there to be as many players as possible who are able to feel the joy that comes from overcoming hardship.

We’re always looking to improve, but in our games in particular, difficulty is what gives meaning to the experience. So it’s not something we’re willing to give up just yet. It is our identity. (We’ve built in trade-offs though), to make people feel like winning is an achievable achievement.

These compromises are the distribution of Fainted Grace points, the presence of the mount, the summoning spells, the possibility of leaving a dangerous zone to strengthen elsewhere. Without ever betraying the proposal and the identity of the studiothese elements offer more flexibility, for less frustration.

George RR Martin: What is the nature of the work done with From Software?

Elden Ring: The game director defends his approach but does not forget the players!

All this takes place on the Inter-Earth, a huge world created in collaboration with George RR Martinthe author of Iron Throne. If you have already launched the game, you are probably wondering where the author’s influence lies, as everything in the game evokes a pure From Software. However, this apparent discretion hides a real workl, which would have given birth to a beautiful friendship between Martin and Miyazaki:

In our games, the story should always serve the player’s experience. If George had written the story of the game, I would have feared that we would have to move away from it. I wanted him to be able to write freely and not feel restricted by some obscure mechanic that might have to change during development.

This writing, she focused on the design of a global framework, including text on the universe, the notion of dislocation of the Elden Ring, the distribution of fragments with several semi-deities, or even the different characters and mythology. A large working document, which the developers then exploited and interpreted to give birth to the exceptional title that is Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring: The game director defends his approach but does not forget the players!