Electric scooter: the Xiaomi Mi Electric 3 loses €100!

News good plan Electric scooter: the Xiaomi Mi Electric 3 loses €100!

Xiaomi is making a name for itself in the world of electric scooters with its new model! The Mi Electric Scooter 3 is equipped with a 600 W motor and a new braking system for increased safety and better autonomy. And it’s on sale today, take advantage of it!

Already ranked among the best quality/price ratios on the market, reduced by €100 at Rue du Commerce, this electric scooter sees its price drop from €499 to €399. The Xiaomi Mi Electric 3, with its simple, elegant and functional look, may be your entry into the world of electric scooters.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 at €399 at Rue du Commerce

Having become an increasingly popular means of transport, scooters have proven their ease of use and practicality. If it’s safety that makes you hesitate, know that, like other light motorized vehicles, they are subject to standards and regulations. This model, for example, has seen its software and hardware upgraded to comply with the EN 17128:2020 safety standard.

Compared to previous models, we also note the installation of an all-new dual regenerative braking system. On the front wheel there is E-ABS braking and on the rear wheel a double pad disc brake. The combination of these two systems considerably reduces the braking distance and allows more secure emergency braking.

Coupled with this we find the big innovation of this model: regenerative braking or SREC (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). Thus, during braking the kinetic energy linked to the speed of the scooter is converted into electrical energy and stored for later use. We therefore increase the autonomy of the scooter here.

Autonomy which is already substantial since a full charge allows you to travel up to 30 km. The Xiaomi Mi Electric 3 is also equipped with intelligent battery management, including automatic standby if the scooter is not used for 10 consecutive days. The battery also protects against short circuits, over-currents, over-charges and over-discharges for longer life.

Features designed for simplified use

We’ve already talked about its very simple look, but the scooter was also designed to be easy to use. A new folding system in just 3 seconds and a weight of only 13.2 kg ensure ease of transport. But this does not mean that the materials are of poor quality. The Mi Electric 3 is built with a strong, low-density aluminum alloy to improve thermal conductivity and increase its longevity. It is also labeled with an IP54 protection index against splashes and dust.

With it, you can ride everywhere: the model is equipped with 8.5-inch tires for shock absorption on any kind of road.

So you never have to push, the scooter has a 16% climbing capacity to take you through the steepest hills in your city.

Finally, the Mi Home application allows you to extend the functionality of your scooter with, in particular, a locking system and the possibility of upgrading the firmware of the control screen.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 at €399 at Rue du Commerce

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Electric scooter: the Xiaomi Mi Electric 3 loses €100!