F1: drive with a real official steering wheel!

News good plan F1: drive with a real official steering wheel!

If you are a sim racing buff and want to pay the price, you should appreciate the Podium Racing Wheel F1 DD1. A very high-end steering wheel and base that will almost allow you to take you to a racing circuit. However, we will have to wait since it is only available for pre-order.

The Podium Racing Wheel F1 DD1 available for pre-order

If you are a lover of virtual racing games (or sim racing) you must already know the Fanatec brand which produces excellent steering wheels for racing games. While Thrustmaster is more accessible for beginners, Fanatec offers the best realistic experience with a bigger hit on your budget.

This is particularly the case with the Podium Racing Wheel F1 DD1, a brand new official steering wheel and its Direct Drive base which drastically improve sensations while allowing you to have pleasant control over your vehicle, which is allowed by a reduced mechanical latency time. In addition, the Direct Drive base makes it possible to obtain good sensations both in arcade games and in more advanced simulations.

Pre-order the Podium Racing Wheel F1 at €1,799 on the Fanatec website

At this price, you would expect that the Podium Racing Wheel F1 would not be made for just anyone… and yet, it is fully compatible on PC, PS5 and PS4 and even on Xbox, although it will be necessary to add an additional Xbox steering wheela true exclusivity among Fanatec’s competitors Logitech and Thrustmaster.

The steering wheel is particularly complete and incorporates no less than 11 simple buttons, two low/high switches, two notched wheels, three notched rotary wheels, a directional cross and an analog stick as well as four paddles, all on a very typical F1 design.

An ultra premium steering wheel for simracing enthusiasts

This benefits froma superb Plug’N’Play experience which will allow you to play without going through the adjustment phase, but if you are experienced you will have plenty of time to enjoy it. On PC you can still use the software of the German manufacturer, Fanalab which will allow you to manage your profiles and other settings in a more visual way.

To take advantage of the steering wheel, you don’t need to take your head sincea single USB connection will allow you to connect to the gaming platform. Another big strong point, no cable or spiral cord on this model which directly integrates the management of the wheel inside the steering wheel.

To obtain a complete set, and thus improve your immersion, we will still advise you to take a crankset, like those available on the Fanatec website.

The Podium Racing Wheel F1 is an expensive steering wheel which will however adapt to many profiles. Whether you are an amateur looking for good equipment or a professional, you should find your account for this steering wheel and its Direct Drive base which are available for pre-order at 1,799 € on the Fanatec site, for an estimated release on 14 June 2022.

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Pre-order the Podium Racing Wheel F1 at €1799 on the Fanatec website

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With a price of 1799.95 euros on the Fanatec website, the Podium Racing Wheel F1 is not aimed at the general public but at drivers looking for high-end, even professional sensations. And in this sense, it superbly succeeds in its bet of being both extremely sharp for those looking to adjust it in detail, but also really plug’n play for those who simply want to play. For us it is a rare, expensive object, but above all a source of performance and pleasure for its buyer.

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F1: drive with a real official steering wheel!