Fiber subscription: Free cuts the price of its best internet box

News good plan Fiber subscription: Free cuts the price of its best internet box

With the increase in Internet connections, operators have multiplied subscriptions to obtain fiber optics and thus benefit from high-speed connections. Free has decided to do even better and offers us its most powerful Fiber and ADSL box, the Freebox Delta at an attractive price for one year.

Free draws its most powerful box, the Freebox Delta

The French company is constantly improving its technology and always wants to do better. In 2002, Free launched its now well-known offer in “triple play” which combines high-speed Internet access, landline telephone and Internet TV access in a subscription. Free quickly established itself as a major player in this field. We also note the success of the Freebox Revolution released in 2010 which continues to be very well seen in the market.

The Freebox Delta is the seventh generation of box offered by this operator. It’s simply the most powerful box of this ISP who uses technology 10G Epon fiber. Reach up to 8 Gbit/s downstream and up to 700 Mbit/s upstream. It’s simply 400 times faster than ADSL! With such power, watch a video, play a game, make a Visio call and download files at the same time without any interruption. If you are not fiber, the Freebox Delta boosts the ADSL connection thanks to 4G. 250 GB are thus dedicated to it to satisfy your connection.

The phone is unlimited to mobiles in Metropolitan France, the overseas departments but also other destinations such as the USA, China or even Cambodia. More than 110 destinations are concerned by the offer.

Powered by the most powerful processor on the market, Quad Core ARMv8, the Freebox Delta is designed to manage several tasks at the same time without risk of overheating or bugs. Control your home with connected objects, surf the net and watch TV in peace. If you need storage, you can carry up to 4 hard drives. 1TB hard drive available as an option for 40€.

For the first year, Free offers you its powerful box for €39.99 for 1 year then €49.99. That’s a saving of €120 on this premium equipment. At this price, you can let yourself be won over by so much power.

Subscribe to the Freebox Delta for €39 per month

A very rich SVOD offer included in the Freebox Delta

In addition to being an extremely efficient box from a technological point of view, the Freebox Delta includes a wide range of video on demand services in its offer. Of course, we can count first on Freebox TV which brings together more than 220 channels including 100 in HD.

TV by Canal is part of the offer and will be useful for all lovers of entertainment of all kinds. Athletes will be thrilled to follow motorsports as well as Ligue 1 de Football and the Champions League. You can also count on original programs with Canal+ films and series. To note that Canal+ Series which brings together the original series of the group as well as US and European series is included in the offer for 1 year.

Find some classic movies and new series with Amazon Prime Video which is simply included with the Freebox Delta. In addition, you benefit from all the Amazon Prime advantages such as free priority delivery or even Amazon Prime Music for the most melodious.

The essential Netflix package is also included with the Freebox Delta. Disney+ is available as an option at €8.99 per month in order to view the latest Marvel, Star Wars and Disney creations.

The Freebox Delta is easily positioned as one of the most powerful boxes on the market. With its attractive price of €39 for one year, accessing power has never been easier.

Subscribe to the Freebox Delta for €39 per month

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Fiber subscription: Free cuts the price of its best internet box