FIFA 22, miHoyo (Genshin Impact)… The business news of the week

business news FIFA 22, miHoyo (Genshin Impact)… The business news of the week

Sales figures, studio buyouts, financial statements, developer transfer window, investments… if these topics interest you, you’ve come to the right place. We offer you an update on the business news of the past week.


  • War in Ukraine: the video game industry mobilized
  • Genshin Impact devs invest in nuclear fusion
  • In 2021, the video game market is doing well
  • When Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, talks about cryptocurrencies and acquisitions
  • Tencent acquires 1C Entertainment
  • Briefly in the business news of the week

War in Ukraine: the video game industry mobilized

Fifa 22 removed from the Russian market, among others.

Launched on February 24 on Ukrainian soil, the Russian military operation has had many consequences all over the world. That of the video game is not spared and many players in the video game industry have decided to be involved, whether by supporting the local population and exiles or by cutting off certain commercial relations with Russia. In open letter shared on TwitterUkrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov committed Xbox and PlayStation to exit the Russian market. In a post published on March 04, it is Microsoft which announces to suspend the sale of its products and its services in Russia. For its part, Sony decides to discreetly withdraw from sale a certain Gran Turismo 7 from the Russian PlayStation Store without justifying such an action. Regarding Nintendo, the third giant indicates have put the Russian version of his Nintendo eShop under maintenance due to “suspension of ruble payments“, the Russian currency. An initiative followed by Electronic Arts: after announcing the withdrawal of Russian teams from FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile, FIFA Online and NHL 22, the publisher announces to stop “the sale of their products and their content in Russia and Belarus during the conflict“. March 03 is CD Projekt Red who decides to suspend the sale of all its products on Russian and Belarusian territories: The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 but also all the games available on GoG.

And in addition to the cessation of certain commercial relations with Russia, the studios also provide their support to Ukraine by making donations to humanitarian associations. Last week, we mentioned the initiative launched by the Polish 11 bit studios: they donated all the profits made by This War of Mine to the Ukrainian Red Cross. A march followed by CD Projekt and Techland (Dying Light), and which continues to mobilize other actors. This is the case of Pokémon Companywho announce “make an immediate donation of $200,000” to GlobalGiving, responsible for directing this donation to organizations helping families and children affected by this crisis. For its part, these are two million dollars which are donated by Sony to various associations in Ukraine while the various subsidiaries of the group will collect donations from their employees. We can also note the donation of IO Interactive (100,000 euros to the Red Cross), Bungie (120,000 dollars to Voices of Children, Direct Relief and IRC) or even the unity engine ($623,000).

Genshin Impact devs invest in nuclear fusion

FIFA 22, miHoyo (Genshin Impact)... The business news of the week

Genshin Impact, miHoyo’s flagship game.

Last Sunday, analysis from NICO Partner Daniel Ahmad discussed miHoyo’s latest investment. Along with other companies, the studio known for developing Genshin Impact has invested $65 million in Energy Singularity. The latter, based in Shanghai, is specialized in technologies allowing nuclear fusion thanks to machines called tokamaks.. Roughly speaking, this technology could make it possible to produce more energy than it consumes and is a candidate of choice in the replacement of nuclear power plants which use fission. Why such an investment from miHoyo? According to Daniel Ahmad, the studio would like to build its own machine by 2024. An initiative that makes sense when you know that miHoyo’s slogan is “Tech otakus save the world“, Where tech enthusiasts saving the world. On this subject, this is not the first time that miHoyo is involved in such a project. Last year, the studio established a collaborative lab with Jiaotong Medical University in Shanghai. At the time, this cooperative project aimed to explore the different possible applications for creating a brain-computer interface. As of February 2021, work being done focused on neural modulation therapy to cure illnesses like depression.

Whether in medicine or nuclear research, miHoyo is therefore invested well beyond the world of video games. An ideology that is accompanied by actions: last February, miHoyo launched ”Hoyoverse”. An alternative universe of reality in which individuals are immersed via avatars and whose immersion is made possible thanks to technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality:

With HoYoverse, we seek to create a vast virtual world, which includes games, anime series and other types of entertainment that will provide players with a high level of freedom and immersion. Hoyoverse.

In 2021, the video game market is doing well

On Twitter Piers Harding-Rolls briefly reviews a study he conducted for the firm Ampere Analysis. It is the video game market that is studied. According to the study, it would have been worth 60 billion dollars in 2021. This is more than 2020 and its 56.6 billion dollars, and this despite the shortage of components that made next-gen consoles unavailable. On the manufacturer side, Sony wins the duel hands down, despite Nintendo selling Nintendo Switch in pallets: 46% market share for Sony, 29% for Nintendo and the remaining 25% for Microsoft. Piers Harding-Rolls explains that the domination of Sony in front of his compatriot is justified by the power of its digital market: that of Nintendo is still too far behind.

On the digital side, moreover, services are on the rise. As seen recently, the number of subscribers to Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus is only growing (25 million and 48 million, respectively) resulting in a greater importance of the services: in 2021, 19% of total revenue is drained by Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now and Nintendo Switch Online. It was only 15% last year.

When Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, talks about cryptocurrencies and acquisitions

FIFA 22, miHoyo (Genshin Impact)... The business news of the week

The Steam Deck console.

While the first Steam Deck, the console from Valve that wants to walk on the flower beds of the Nintendo Switch, Gabe Newell spoke with Rock Paper Shotgun. The co-founder of Valve returned to the manufacturing process of the portable console, but also spoke about his thoughts on the various topics that are shaking the industry at the moment. Among them, large studio takeovers as was the case recently with Microsoft – Activision and Sony and Bungie. For him, these acquisitions must be made according to a single criterion :

Regardless of the type of acquisition or consolidation that is made, it must answer one question: Does it manage to offer more added value to customers? Does it manage to transform developers into better developers? If the consolidation or the acquisition fails to answer such questions, it is because it is not good.

In addition, Gabe Newell also clarifies his thoughts on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. If Steam has banned all games including these technologies, Newell is not refractory concerning them. He only explains that it’s the resulting product that he doesn’t like:

You have to separate the underlying technology itself from how it is used. For example, nitrocellulose allows many things, but it is often to make firearms that it is used. I don’t want to compare NFTs to gunfights, but the notions of digital ownership and shared universes are quite reasonable.

  • Source: RockPaperShotgun

Tencent acquires 1C Entertainment

FIFA 22, miHoyo (Genshin Impact)... The business news of the week


Tencent continues its redemption fever. After the acquisition two weeks ago of Inflexion Games (Nightingale), Tencent recently announced the finalization of an agreement with 1C Entertainment. It is the Warsaw subsidiary of 1C Company which now flies the Chinese flag. Among the known titles in its catalog, we mainly find game ports on PC: Devil May Cry, Dark Souls Remastered, Mortal Kombat 11 or even Cyberpunk 2077 on Stadia. An acquisition that makes stakeholders very enthusiastic:

We are really very happy with this agreement. This is an exceptional opportunity for 1CE. Our ideology and passion will be supported by a great player in the industry and I am honored to work with Tencent as well as the other creative minds who are part of this new ecosystem – Tomasz Nieszporski, 1C Entertainment.

We couldn’t be prouder to work with the talented team at 1C Entertainment, to support them through this new phase of growth – Li Shen, Tencent Games Global Chief Technology Officer.

Briefly in the business news of the week

  • Doom – To support victims related to the conflict in Ukraine, John Romero has released a new level on Doom II. The game is priced at five euros and all its proceeds will be donated to charities.
  • bandai namco – The studio announced through a press release to increase the salary of its employees by 50,000 yen (435 €) in order to stabilize the income of the employees.
  • Tokyo Game Show – The 2022 edition of the Tokyo fair dedicated to video games will reopen its doors to the public and professionals, from September 15 to 18.
  • Back 4 Blood – The spiritual heir of Left 4 Dead has announced that it has counted ten million players. A DLC is planned for the month of April.
  • netflix – The SVOD platform on Wednesday expressed its desire to buy the Finnish studio Next Games, developers of games such as The Walking Dead and Stranger Things. A transaction estimated at 65 million euros.
  • Elden Ring – In the United Kingdom, the latest from From Software is the third best launch of the year. It ranks behind Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Horizon: Forbidden West.
  • SNJV – The Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo joins forces with the EGDF (European Games Developer Federation) and proposes to come to the aid of the Ukrainian developers who are victims of the current conflict.
  • Nvidia – The manufacturer of processors and graphics cards recently fell victim to a cyberattack. Formalized this week, the attack would have allowed hackers to steal 1 TB of data. They would require Nvidia to disable the mining limit present on the latest generation graphics cards (30XX).
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FIFA 22, miHoyo (Genshin Impact)… The business news of the week