Finally a LEGO for those who get angry easily

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Something bothers you? Patience is the last of your qualities? Do you honk before the light turns green? This LEGO is for you. Currently on sale, it will allow you to refocus and empty yourself. Zen, tranquility and serenity are the key words that guided this construction.

We find the LEGO bonsai, a creation from the “Adults Welcome” range intended for adults. Offered with a nice discount, this construction which has its place in your interior is available for less than 40€! A very good price for a LEGO of this size.

Buy the Bonsai in LEGO at 36€ at Amazon

Today’s world can be particularly frustrating. Whether from a personal, professional, sentimental, friendly or other point of view. Dissatisfaction and resentment are the two paths to depression and anger.

And if you have no patience, we can say that you have hit the jackpot. If your nerves are easily overwhelmed, we can only invite you to turn to this LEGO construction.

This one is designed for adults. We can say that the brand has managed to follow its first fans, the same ones who contributed to the success of the Danish firm from the 70s.

By offering LEGO for adults, the brand manages to both produce a nostalgic effect and address you as a mature person. And, rather than advocating excitement and nervousness, as on construction sets intended for younger audiences, LEGO favors calm.

Indeed, the fact of resting, of concentrating and of creating a vacuum around oneself is a way of keeping one’s calm. And above all, to maintain this state of mind that allows you to get closer to serenity, calm.

In some cultures, words are used to concentrate, like mantras in Tibetan Buddhism (like the famous “Om mani padme hum”). Through this use, practitioners manage to empty their minds and reach a certain stage that can be related to Zen.

This LEGO has a symbolism that is oriented around this theme and we can say that for just 36€, you will be able to have a good time.

Tranquility and serenity accompany this LEGO

This LEGO is inspired by bonsai, these small trees that are pruned in such a way as to remain in a miniature form. This work of patience has roots that go back several millennia before our time, in ancient Egypt.

Nowadays, it is readily associated with Japanese culture and its sense of detail that makes all the difference.

However, a bonsai requires experience, patience and above all, technique. And not everyone has it. This is why turning to a bonsai of this kind is an excellent way to be able to decorate your interior while avoiding the hassle of botany.

Finally a LEGO for those who get angry easilyFinally a LEGO for those who get angry easily

Offered basic at nearly 50€, it is now available for less than 40€! A great opportunity to have fun for cheap, and with a game that will remind you of your childhood.

Buy the Bonsai in LEGO at 36€ at Amazon

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Finally a LEGO for those who get angry easily