Genshin Impact: The delay of the game explained by the health crisis in China, the studios based in Shanghai in difficulty

Game News Genshin Impact: The delay of the game explained by the health crisis in China, the studios based in Shanghai in difficulty

Genshin Impact players have recently noted several delays that the miHoYo teams are taking on their game, without any real explanations provided by the studio. The reason is now known: Shanghai, the base of many Chinese studios, is seriously impacted by the health crisis that the country is going through and the restrictions imposed by the government.

The complex situation of the people of Shanghai

Several players have noticed the recent delay Genshin Impact. While various events and major updates were planned on the miHoYo roadmap, these releases have been suspended for the time being. The community then speculated on the reasons for this delaywhich could be due to the health crisis that China is going through. Information recently confirmed by a survey of Kotaku.

Shanghai, home to many major Chinese studios, finds itself in the midst of a health and food crisis due to COVID. The government’s “Zero COVID” policy is not helping matters, while most of the city’s residents have been forced to stay strictly at home since March 28.

As Kotaku explains, more than 27,000 infected people have been identified and Reuters speaks of the “worst COVID crisis that China has experienced since the virus appeared in Wuhan”. Not only does this crisis upset the daily lives of residents, but it also impacts the supply of resources and food.

The government’s “zero COVID” policy is an almost dystopian ordeal, as Shanghai-based developer Travis Ryan explains to Kotaku:

Impossible to leave our apartments, the elevators are deactivated, the exterior doors padlocked (…) It is a constant stress generated by a daily series of tests, the regular observation of the latest figures of the virus, the understanding of the latest measures to take and the time taken to form groups of food purchases (…). All residents are tested regularly, and if anyone comes back positive everyone has to stay locked up again for seven days, then seven days with permission to exercise their legs. If after the 14 days no one tests positive people can move freely within the neighborhood but not beyond the district boundaries. And don’t worry, the soft sound of police radios and blaring megaphones will get you noticed if you get too close to the boundary.

Chinese developers in crisis

Despite this unattractive situation, Travis Ryan wanted to qualify by emphasizing the strong sense of mutual aid that has developed within the Shanghai community. While many residents fear for their health and their food supply, large companies are trying to support their employees. Giants like Tencent, Microsoft or Riot, for example, offer cooking lessons to their youngest recruits and limit meetings to give their teams time to spend with their families.

For its part, the miHoYo teams had declared at the beginning of the month that their offices remained temporarily closed for four days. Recently, the studio shared some news:

Our team in Shanghai is now working remotely and is doing its best to organize teleworking. We are also providing resources to our team members during this complex time. If distance makes communication difficult, it is essential to protect the health and safety of our team members.

The current working conditions of the various development teams therefore explain the delay taken by miHoYo, in particular on the sérénithéière event. The studio has not communicated a later date yet and patch 2.7 could also be delayed. Anyway, we sincerely hope that the situation will quickly return to normal and we give all our support to the various teams based in the country.

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Genshin Impact: The delay of the game explained by the health crisis in China, the studios based in Shanghai in difficulty