Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

news tip Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you find yourself at the hands of Akito in a city overrun by a strange fog and dangerous visitors. You will be accompanied by KK to overcome your opponents and visit the most secret corners of Tokyo. Find in this guide our 10 best tips for a good start.

start well

Ghostwire: Tokyodevelopped by Bethesda, takes you into a first-person open-world filled with ghosts invading the streets of Tokyo. How does the fog work, the best ways to eliminate Visitors with powers, what are the interesting side activities, find in our complete guide to Ghostwire: Tokyo our 10 best tips for getting started.


  • start well
    • 1 – Deadly Fog
    • 2 – Cleanse
    • 3 – Absorb Hearts
    • 4 – Weaves
    • 5 – Crystallized Ether
    • 6 – Side missions
    • 7 – Profitable collectibles
    • 8 – Eat a lot
    • 9 – Interact with animals
    • 10 – Free the spirits often

1 – Deadly Fog

Fog is deadly and represents the limits of the area accessible to you. If you stay in it too long, your life will quickly drop to death. This fog is not immutable and you will have to purify Torii gates in order to push its limits and to be able to visit new places in search of new secrets.

2 – Cleanse

As mentioned earlier, you will need to purify Torii gates in order to dispel the fog from the area assigned to it. In doing so, you will reveal the various side missions and will have access to new places to visit. to find the various objects and interesting places to improve your character such as relics, Nekomata merchants, spirits to save, etc. Additionally, starting in Chapter 2, you will be able to travel from shrine to shrine in order to quickly move around the map.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

3 – Absorb Hearts

Whether you’re exploring, doing missions, or purifying shrines, you will very often face Visitors, the main enemies of the game. They can take many forms and have different powers, which will require you to pay attention to them in order to take the fights as well as possible. On the other hand, something remains true most of the time, inflicting enough damage on a visitor will cause them to be unable to move for a while and reveal their heart for a while. You will be able to absorb it, which will permanently eliminate the visitor. When you perform the absorb action, you absorb all revealed hearts around you, allowing you to defeat multiple Visitors at once. Also note that charging your various attacks makes it easier to reveal the hearts of Visitors.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

4 – Weaves

Along with the bow you get in Chapter 2, KK gives you the ability to use different powers called Aetherweaves. There are three of different elements that have special secondary powers. Knowing which one to use at the right time is important if you want to overcome the multiple visitors you will encounter.

  • Air weaving: This weave is the one you are likely to use the most. It has good range, lots of ammo, and good hit speed. Upgrading this spell allows you to fire multiple times with charged shot or fire faster normally.
  • Water weaving: Having a small range, consider this weave a bit like a shotgun. Especially since his secondary power allows you to hit the zone in front of you.. Upgrading this power allows for more normal attacks for the same ammo cost and increases the size of the secondary power’s hit area. It’s a perfect power to overcome most small enemies.
  • Weave of Fire: Definitely your weave the most destructive. The normal attack sends a destructive bolt of fire that goes straight. You can upgrade it so that it passes through Visitors and breaks through the defenses of some of them. Its charged attack sends out a huge ball of fire dealing a large amount of damage in a wide area. Its weak ammunition still limits its excessive use quite a bit. but its effectiveness is not to be proven when you rub shoulders with taller than you.
Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

5 – Crystallized Ether

As you move around the city, you will very often come across on crystallized Ether which can be in the form of various objects like garbage cans or cars. By breaking them, you release the Ether which gives you PM, your weaving ammunition. Do not hesitate to destroy them between fights to recharge your powers. Similarly, some of the Ethers are red, indicating that they can explode while others are yellow and contain meikas, in-game currency.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

6 – Side missions

Purifying Torii gates will reveal nearby side quest locations. They are quite quick to do and often yield very good rewards such as the precious Magatama used to unlock certain important points in the skill trees. Feel free to do them by passing by or target them by looking on the map for the rewards they promise.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

7 – Profitable collectibles

There are many collectibles to pick up right and left. If the documents are generally only to add secondary elements to the universe of the game, this is not the case KK Documents and relics. The former are quite rare but grant 20 skill points to apply to your character. You will also eventually find a rosary to guide you to the various KK Documents. About the Relics, some Nekomata have requests asking you to fetch some. By selecting them, the approximate location of the relic is shown on your map. Each time you bring him a Relic of Request, you will be paid accordingly. It’s worth enough for a few minutes of searching if you haven’t already found the relic before.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

8 – Eat a lot

To heal yourself you must eat food found on the street or bought from a Nekomata. Beyond making sure you stay alive, every time you eat you increase your max health. Do not hesitate to eat as much as possible to improve your resistance.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

9 – Interact with animals

As soon as you obtain the power of Spectral Vision, you will have the opportunity to talk to dogs and cats wandering the streets. While chats can sometimes give you useful information, Giving a dog kibble will motivate him to lead you to an important place. For example, he can search the ground to offer you objects or money or lead you to places like Jizo Statues. Don’t miss the animals, especially the dogs, they will often have a lot to offer you.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

10 – Free the spirits often

Very quickly you get your first Katashiros, ritual papers that can absorb spirits wandering the city. You can then send them to Ed via a phone booth for a lot of XP and money. The only problem is that you can only absorb so many spirits depending on how many Katashiros you have. You can find a few in the city but you will need to buy most of them from Nekomatas merchants. The latter being quite expensive, we advise you not to spend everything too quickly on them. A big 20 is enough to save you from constantly returning to the cabins and continue your adventure smoothly while enjoying these precious rewards.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start

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Ghostwire: Tokyo, tips: Find our 10 best tips for a good start