Gran Turismo 7 and the DualSense for 119€ at Fnac!

News good plan Gran Turismo 7 and the DualSense for 119€ at Fnac!

Problem: I have a PS5 with a single controller and would like to play the best car racing game to date on my console with my mates. Solution: Fnac offers a pack with Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 and a DualSense at €119 instead of €149, i.e. a saving of €30. A great way to enjoy Polyphony Digital’s latest game together.

Gran Turismo 7 + DualSense: a PS5 pack at a low price

On the occasion of the release of the racing game on Sony’s latest console, Fnac offers a pack allowing us to enjoy the game in multiplayer mode at a lower price.

Buy the Gran Turismo 7 + DualSense pack for €119 at Fnac

Gran Turismo 7 is the return to the sources of the series that we expected. Aimed at fans of the first four titles, these opuses come back with this RPG flavor of car games that we loved with the founding episodes. Starting with your trash can, winning competitions to be able to buy better models, even tuner them so that they gain power to set record times and annihilate our opponents, that’s what made the salt of the series at its beginnings.

This episode 7 is clearly there to satisfy fans of beautiful mechanics, with its comments from prestigious drivers and its “car museum” side. You still have the permits to pass with this challenge side which will give variety to the GT mode. With more than 420 cars available from the game’s release and no less than 34 circuitsyou have plenty to do with this new canonical Gran Turismo.

The DualSense: a perfect controller for Gran Turismo 7

Add some color to your next-gen gaming with DualSense Red and Nova Rose controllers on PS5. It’s the most accomplished Sony controller to date with a sensory experience that will make you forget the legendary DualShock.. Indeed, haptic feedback is already very good on many PS5 games, and will come into its own in the latest game from Polyphony Digital.

So whether you play with a steering wheel or with the DualSense in Gran Turismo 7, the sensations will be present with a very well used PS5 controller which will even allow you to differentiate the state of the road just with the vibrations you will feel. Wetness, bends, the feeling that the joystick provides allows you to improve your racing level with essential feedback for very short decision-making.

It is therefore a very good combo that Fnac offers us at a lower price, especially since the DualSense controller, unlike a steering wheel, can be used in all the games on the console.

Buy the Gran Turismo 7 + DualSense pack for €119 at Fnac

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Gran Turismo 7 and the DualSense for 119€ at Fnac!