GTA 5: PS5 and Xbox Series pre-orders are here, find out their price! –

In the daily newspaper, the first Elden Ring speedruns are here, the price and info on GTA 5 next-gen and finally, casting news for the live action One Piece.


  • Elden Ring the first speedrun of the game
  • GTA 5: we take stock of the pre-orders
  • One Piece Live-Action Adaptation Reveals New Actors

Elden Ring the first speedrun of the game

It didn’t take long for From Software’s new title to be prone to monstrous speedruns. Sekiro, Bloodborne or even the Dark Souls trilogy are very popular games for speedrunners, their objective being to finish the game as quickly as possible. And while many players are still far from having finished their journey on the software, Niko Bellic first achieved the feat of finishing the feat of finishing the game in 2:30 and on top of that, he does not count a single death during his run. A first record which was quickly surpassed in particular by LilAggy, known in particular for his speedrun on Sekiro, the American is the first person to finish the game in less than an hour. For now, speedruns must be submitted and verified by the leading site in the field, In the records a little more improbable too, Louis Hamilton known under the pseudonym of SuperLouis64 has notably created a reputation by playing in an unconventional way. After defeating a boss at Nintendo’s Ring-Con, he defeats Godrick with bananas as a controller.

GTA 5: we take stock of the pre-orders

GTA 5 should arrive on the next-gen in a few days and we were still wondering if the upgrade was going to be paid or not for those who already have the software on previous consoles. Pre-orders tell us that we will have to buy the game again and as the formula is a bit complex at first glance, we will detail everything. First, the story mode is not sold alone, it will necessarily include the Online mode. Conversely, this is not true since the Online alone is offered free of charge on PS5 until June 14 against € 9.99 at Xbox. The price difference is due to the partnership between Sony and Rockstar but the price will increase to 19.99€ from the 14th for all platforms. As for the version including story mode and online, on PS5 it will cost €9.99 until June 14, while for Xbox Series, it will cost €10 more. Prices will balance out for both machines at €39.99 once June 14 has passed. And as for what’s new, there will now be 3 possible graphics modes : fidelity, performance and Ray Tracing performance. Loading times and textures will be improved. And now, it will be possible to push performance up to 4K 60 FPS and Ray Tracing will therefore be possible with the eponymous graphics mode.

One Piece Live-Action Adaptation Reveals New Actors

We’ve known it for a while, the One Piece manga will have the right to a live action adaptation made by Netflix. The first season is expected to have 10 episodes and will adapt the manga’s East Blue arc. For a few months we have known who will play the crew of the straw hat pirate but there are still many characters in the East Blue part. That’s why, 6 new actors have been announced. We thus find Morgan Davies in the body of the young Koby dreaming of joining the navy, Ilia Isorelys Paulino will lend his features to the pirate Alvida. Aidan Scott will play Navy Hermep, Buggy the Clown will be played by Jeff Ward, and Fishman will be played by McKinley Belcher 3.

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GTA 5: PS5 and Xbox Series pre-orders are here, find out their price! –