HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: Hard to make a better gaming headset for PS5 / PC

HyperX finally cuts the cord of one of its best helmets, the Cloud Alpha, with a Wireless version which puts the hammer argument on the table, namely an autonomy announced at 300 hours. However, it is with its sound quality that this wireless headset will have seduced us the most. We tell you straight out, a reference was born and it has everything to please.

High-end version of the Cloud II Wireless, the Cloud Alpha Wireless is launched by HyperX at a price of 229€, which places it above some reference models such as the H6 Pro from EPOS or the Arctis 7P+ from Steelseries. . Resolutely wireless, and without the possibility of connecting it other than with its USB dongle, the Cloud Alpha Wireless hopes to keep you away from charging cables to play on Windows PC and Mac, on PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, or even on Switch. in TV mode.

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Compatibility PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch (TV mode), Windows, Mac, Linux
Microphone type Bi-directional condenser microphone
Microphone noise reduction Yes
7.1 / 3D rendering DTS on PC
Weight 336 grams with microphone
Connections available 2.4GHz Wireless via USB Dongle

Manufacturing: Very Cloud II in appearance

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: Hard to make a better gaming headset for PS5 / PC

It is indeed difficult to distinguish the Cloud Alpha Wireless from the Cloud II that we had in our hands last year. The two helmets display roughly the same design, the same materials and a priori the same functions. You must therefore look closely to see some differences: the texture of the headband which changes from smooth leather to “crocodile” leather, the now drilled aluminum earbuds, the hinges of these legs, the finish and the shape of the exterior of the ear cups, which gain a little more space and a more matte texture.

For the rest, we are on perfectly familiar ground and the Cloud Alpha Wireless comes to us with its height-adjustable rigid headband, super resistant to torsion, and its very soft ear cushions with imitation leather finish. A very “old-fashioned” design that inevitably recalls the DT series from BeyerDynamic, a professional audio giant rightly renowned for its studio headphones, to which HyperX adds a wheel for adjusting the volume and two buttons for the microphone and the start.

Undeniable comfort despite a substantial size

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: Hard to make a better gaming headset for PS5 / PCHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: Hard to make a better gaming headset for PS5 / PC

The Cloud Alpha Wireless is not a small headset. Its ear cups literally encompass the user’s ears, even the largest ones, and add 5 centimeters of thickness per side to your head. Enough to justify a weight of 330 grams, a little high for its category. The same time, the Cloud Alpha Wireless manages to be forgotten quite easilyin particular thanks to a broad support on the top of the skull, with a thick surface which cushions perfectly, and to a fairly balanced tightening of the ear cups, neither too firm nor too loose.

Each earpiece being adjustable in height thanks to a slide system, the helmet adapts to all head sizes, even those of children, with a nice margin for the larger ones. And the adjustment, in notches of 3 millimeters, is both perfectly stable once in place, and easy to modify even when you have the helmet on your head. In the end, the Cloud Alpha Wireless can be worn for hours without discomfort, and we will simply point out a slight lack of ventilation on the side of the leatherette ear cups, which may be paid for in sweat if you play in the heat.

Sound qualities: precision and softness

The Cloud II Wireless had already shown us the progress of HyperX in terms of sound reproduction, the Cloud Alpha Wireless is a step above its predecessor, while keeping the same type of sound. And if we were talking about the DT770 Pro from BeyerDynamic for the inspiration of the design, our measurements can testify that the similarities are also very numerous on the side of the sound reproduction. Thus, despite a temporary dip around 48Hz, compensated by two bumps at 35Hz and 70Hz, the reproduction of bass and low-mids is faultless, with precision worthy of studio headphones, even if the headphones puts the bass a little more prominent in its default EQ, just for show.

On the left the Cloud Alpha Wireless, on the right the DT770 Pro

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: Hard to make a better gaming headset for PS5 / PCHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: Hard to make a better gaming headset for PS5 / PC

The mids are then slightly set back up to 3kHz, followed by a more pronounced dip at 4kHz, which is clearly heard when listening to music and reduces aggressiveness and auditory fatigue. Finally, the highs clearly take center stage sound with great precision, without distorting the overall rendering.

The result is a hollow but clarified sound image, which gives pride of place to details while keeping a rather spectacular side. Above all, the speakers manage to reproduce the whole scene without overlapping, without limiting the bass surges, without affecting the precision of the whole. A treat, which can be enjoyed for hourswhatever the listening level, with a maximum volume that remains powerful but reasonable.

It must be said that the sound insulation of the Cloud Alpha Wireless is average, so that even in a noisy place it can be used without pushing the amplification to its limits, even though it is possible to put the sound fully without seeing any distortion appear. Speakers and amplifier are precisely calibrated and keep enough headroom so that you never have the impression of being at the limits of the possibilities of the active helmet.

Fans of high-definition movies, games and music will also appreciate that HyperX accompanies the Cloud Alpha Wireless with a dongle equipped witha 24-bit stereo circuitable to support the best of current soundtracks.

A microphone that gives the best voice

No unpleasant surprise either on the side of the removable microphone, which offers faithful voice reproduction, its timbre and its nuances, so that we can recommend it with our eyes closed for professional streaming, and therefore obviously for chatting. Whether the voice is soft, weak, or on the contrary powerful, the intelligibility is always perfect, the distortion absent, and the adjustment easy with a rod which is placed to the millimeter, without effort.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: Hard to make a better gaming headset for PS5 / PC

Still, in a noisy environment, the passive reduction of sounds picked up by this microphone is not sufficient to attenuate ambient noise. This is the price to pay for the clarity and precision of this condenser microphone. Finally, note that the Cloud Alpha Wireless offers live voice feedback in headphoneswith a non-adjustable level, but to be activated on the fly via the button dedicated to the microphone.

Record autonomy?

HyperX announces a battery life of this Cloud Alpha Wireless around 300 hours. It is necessary, to hope to reach this record number, to eliminate the microphone and not to exceed 50% of the general volume, which remains possible in the context of use at home, in peace. With a more realistic volume, around 70-80%, and using the microphone, you should rather reach the hundred hours of playwhich remains a more than respectable value.

As for charging via its USB-C port, it lasts about 4 hours starting from a completely empty battery. It is also possible to use it while charging it, with voice feedback of the charge level whenever desired.

The software, an exclusive companion to the Windows PC

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: Hard to make a better gaming headset for PS5 / PC

The Alpha Wireless Cloud uses the Direct Audio protocol to work on many platforms. Windows PC, Mac, Linux, but also on Sony consoles (PS4 and PS5) or even on the Switch dock. But only Windows allows support with the in-house software, the Ngenuity. The latter allows the creation of presets with adjustment of the general volume (linked to the OS), the volume of the microphone, the equalization, and the management or not of the DTS, a software spatialization without much interest. The headset is of course compatible with dynamic spatialization solutions, on PC as well as on console.

In conclusion: a reference is born

It is one of those headphones that you can literally fall in love with, because it offers exactly what you expect in movies, listening to music, and obviously in games. The Cloud Alpha Wireless is certainly slightly colored, not necessarily linear, but it dazzles with the quality of its sound reproductionits basic equalization deep enough to be relaxing, and its ability to modulate its rendering with the help of equalization (under Windows only).

It is also comfortable, effective at the microphone, easy to use, with autonomy that commands respect. Admittedly, its price is high, which reserves it for rather wealthy players, but we cannot help but recommend it to you, as it fulfills all the boxes of our expectations.

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Strong points

  • A good build quality
  • Comfortable for all
  • Impeccable sound quality
  • The microphone is just flawless
  • Voice feedback in headphones
  • Record autonomy, even in normal use
  • 24-bit management

Weak points

  • Equalization only under Windows
  • No Bluetooth or analog input

Comfort, manufacturing quality, range and autonomy, compatibility, ergonomics, the Cloud Alpha Wireless is a headset that is particularly pleasant to use, while being efficient and simple. It is also, and above all, impressive with its sound performances, to the voice as well as to the ears, and ensures as much the show as it offers a beautiful precision. A success at all levels for HyperX, which sets the bar very high against its competitors. Definitely one of our favorite models, all prices combined.

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HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless review: Hard to make a better gaming headset for PS5 / PC