In 2022, Samsung dares to be original for its 4K TVs

In the very wide range of Samsung 4K TVs, there is one truly unique: Lifestyle TVs. Behind this name hide 3 models called The Frame, The Serif and The Sero. What is the singularity of these 3 4K TV models? Their design.


  • Samsung 4K TV: Lifestyle range explained
  • Samsung The Frame: this 4K TV pretends to be a painting
  • Samsung The Serif: the only 4K QLED TV in the range
  • Samsung The Sero: a TV like a giant smartphone

Samsung 4K TV: Lifestyle range explained

A living room is entirely turned towards its TV. Whether we want it or not, this object is the centerpiece of our stays. While most manufacturers only talk about the technological performance of their new TVs, one strategy has been completely ignored: that of betting on form, decoration.

We’re tech-savvy, but most people aren’t. Everybody doesn’t know about HDMI 2.1 ports, QLED technology or the impact of a 120 Hz frequency. On the other hand, they immediately understand the influence of the aesthetic aspect of a TV for their interior.

Samsung is the world leader in the television market. This place was conquered thanks to a simple and effective strategy: to offer TVs adapted to any type of profile. When you know its philosophy, seeing the Korean giant play the design card is not a huge surprise, even if it remains a daring bet.

The company therefore created the Lifestyle range to transform the big black plate in the middle of your living room into a design object. The 3 Lifestyle televisions therefore offer, each in their own way, a particular way of inserting a television into a living room. This originality is made both on the purely aesthetic aspect of the product, but also on some technical characteristics.

Let’s start by talking about the operating system of these connected TVs. When you wander through the menus of Lifestyle TVs, there is a unique app : the Art Store. This shop offers to sell more or less famous and more or less old works of art (even if it could have been commercially clever, these works are not NFT). In all, there are more than 1600 different ones. The idea behind this blind is to personalize the screen. When the TV is off, you will no longer be facing a black plate, but facing a painting.

To accompany this Art Store, Samsung has also taken a technological gamble. These days, almost all TVs on the market come with glossy screens. The thing is that a glossy screen is immediately perceived as such. Projecting an image of a work of art is very cute, but if you notice at a glance that it is actually a TV screen, the effect can be completely missed.

To perfect the illusion, Samsung has developed matte screens that greatly reduce glare and reflections. In 2022, the Korean giant is going even further. This year’s Lifestyle 4K TVs are able to cast light from different angles and directions, which in theory would never lose picture quality, no matter your lighting or time of day.

Samsung The Frame: this 4K TV pretends to be a painting

Of the entire Lifestyle range, The Frame is the most popular model. The concept is very simple: to offer televisions… with a frame around it. In this context, it is up to the consumer to project what he wants (photo, painting etc.)… as long as it is on the Art Store. Still in this logic of “everything customizable”, the famous frame of Samsung The Frame 4K TVs exists in different sizes, shapes, colors…

The Frame range is made to be hung on the wall and blend in with a classic frame. Is The Frame a real chameleon ? We haven’t seen the 2022 models yet, but the 2021 ones were already doing the job pretty well.

In 2022, The Frame is available in 7 different sizes : 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. It is not very complicated to analyze why Samsung has chosen such a profusion of sizes. A The Frame TV is supposed to be able to fit in the middle of other frames, between two pieces of furniture… or as a huge work that covers an entire wall.

Samsung The Serif: the only 4K QLED TV in the range

In 2022, Samsung dares to be original for its 4K TVs

The TV The Serif takes the opposite bias to what The Frame offers. Rather than completely blending into a wall, this TV seems made to be visible. The design has been thought out at 360 degrees and the feet of the machine are reminiscent of an easel. We are therefore no longer on a discreet frame, but on a canvas, a decorative object.

Again, Samsung is targeting an audience of people looking for customizable. Tired of easel feet? They are detachable: you can take the TV, well, “the canvas”, and put it wherever you want.

The Serif is a connected TV that benefits from the same screen technologies as The Frame series, adding Samsung’s famous innovation : the QLED. As a reminder, QLED technology uses nano-crystals that react to the passage of light. It allows better contrast and more faithful colors.

Again, it may be interesting to analyze this choice. We believe that Samsung has gone all out on The Serif panel, quite to risk an increase in costs, for the following reason: this TV is noticeable, it catches the eye. Therefore, it is essential that it projects an image of the best possible quality.

This time there are 4 screen sizes: 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches.

Samsung The Sero: a TV like a giant smartphone

In 2022, Samsung dares to be original for its 4K TVs

Let’s finish with the most daring Lifestyle TV of 2022: The Sero. When you see it, you immediately notice this foot with a strange format. In fact, the width of the foot of The Sero corresponds exactly to the height of the screen, or 43 inches, or 109 cm approximately.

To do what ? Hold on tight: this particular foot is there to accompany the rotation of the television vertically. With The Sero, Samsung seems to want to offer a potential giant smartphone screen.

Even if the matte screen also includes all the anti-reflective technologies of the rest of the Lifestyle range, it assumes much more as a screen. This time, rather than projecting a work of art, it might be more convenient to display a more futuristic screen saver (a neon logo, a small animation, a slightly stylized clock… it’s up to you) .

For our part, we quite easily imagine a professional use (in a shop) of this TV, but inserting The Sero in a bedroom or living room seems quite complicated at first glance, even in 2022.

See Lifestyle TVs on Samsung official website

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In 2022, Samsung dares to be original for its 4K TVs