LG 55 C1: The star of OLED TVs at an exceptional price before the new generation

News good plan LG 55 C1: The star of OLED TVs at an exceptional price before the new generation

It needs no introduction, the LG 55C1 is a 4K TV widely known to the general public and one of the bestsellers of 2021. No wonder, since it is perfect both for watching films and series, but also for playing games. next-gen consoles. With new ranges soon to arrive on the market, prices are falling and this is particularly the case for the 55C1 which goes to €1,049 at Rue du Commerce instead of the usual €1,399.

As usual, LG offers incredible 4K screens and in 2021 released the beautiful C1, a 55-inch 4K OLED television that is simply incredible for games, movies and series. With the arrival of new models announced for this year 2022, we had to expect a price drop on the C1 and that’s good!

If you want to take advantage of OLED technology, you might as well say that this is the best time to get started since the 55C1 goes for the crazy price of €1,049 at Rue du Commerce.

Buy the LG 55C1 at 1049€ on Rue du Commerce

Not convinced ? If you want to take the C2 which will soon be arriving on the OLED screen market, know that even brighter and lighter than its little sister, it is also more expensive. The 55-inch C1 was indeed €1,500 when it was released, compared to €2,000 for the C2, also in 55 inches..

What to know about the remarkable 55-inch 4K TV, the LG 55 C1

If LG managed to offer such pretty OLED screens, it is simply because the brand has LG Displays factories which are the only ones able to build these large OLED panels. This technology allows for almost infinite contrasts, deep blacks and incredible color fidelity.

With its incredible AI, the C1 improves both sound and images thanks to up-scaling technology, so you can enjoy all your non-4K content even on this TV. The C1’s AI is particularly good at make up for the shortcoming of the OLED which is the risk of “burning” the screenor prevent an element from “fixing” on the screen.

Thanks to its excellent processor, the C1 is therefore capable of good performance with its AI, but also pulls out of the game by offering an ergonomic and particularly functional operating system, WebOS. With the MagicRemote, the supplied remote control, you can control WebOS and thus access your favorite streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix, Twitch, Disney+ or even Prime Video.

The other big highlight of the C1 is its gaming side. with ports HDMI 2.1, the 120 Hz panel will allow you to play in 4K HDR at 120 FPS if your titles allow it. Suffice to say that you will be particularly immersed in your games, whether on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

If you want to get your hands on a good OLED screen at a good price, the 55 C1 is your best choice, especially since the prices of the next models should be relatively less accessible. So for only €1,049, there’s no reason to hesitate to take the top of the top.

Buy the LG 55C1 at 1049€ on Rue du Commerce

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LG 55 C1: The star of OLED TVs at an exceptional price before the new generation