Martha is Dead: The psychological thriller censored on PS5 and PS4, the news!

Game News Martha is Dead: The psychological thriller censored on PS5 and PS4, the news!

Announced in 2019, Martha is Dead is a first-person psychological thriller set in 1944 Tuscany. Unfortunately, PlayStation players will be treated to a truncated version of the experience.

Martha is Dead: too gore for Sony?

Without warning, and two weeks before the release of Martha is Dead, Wired Productions and LKA have announced two bad news for players with a PS4 or PS5. Indeed, the developers have been forced to modify the experience by removing and modifying certain sequences, so that the title can be approved on Sony media. Other platforms, namely PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series not being affected by this censorshipso it seems that it was the manufacturer who requested these changes.

However, the studio did not disclose the amount of items or scenes that had to be cut or modified, but it won’t be long before you find out. Let’s just hope all of this doesn’t make the experience inconsistent from a narrative standpoint. In any case, these censored scenes echo warning preview during our preview, which stated:

Not recommended for players who may be embarrassed by artwork containing blood, dismemberment, disfiguration of human bodies, minor nudity, and acts of self-harm.

Martha is Dead is a narrative adventure recommended for mature audiences only, with potentially awkward scenes and themes that may confuse some players. Wired Productions and LKA have always been open and honest about Martha Is Dead content, with sensitive in-game depictions being consistently communicated to media since the game was announced in 2019. This content is also presented in a clear manner. and repeated in the game itself before the start of the game.

It is with regret that we had to modify the experience on the PS4 and PS5 versions, as some elements are no longer playable. After more than four years of passion and hard work, LKA needs additional time to make these unplanned changes. As a result, we’re keeping the digital release on February 24, 2022, but the physical release has been pushed back by a (we estimate) small number of weeks. (…)

Consequences on physical versions

Martha is Dead: The psychological thriller censored on PS5 and PS4, the news!

The physical versions of Martha is Dead on PS4 and PS5 are therefore postponed for a few weeks, to March 10 according to Just For Games. Despite everything, these versions will keep the bonuses initially planned, namely a reversible poster, tarot cards, as well as an extract from the game’s soundtrack to download. At present, the exact reasons for this censorship have not been revealed by the developers or by Sony, but we hope to have the end of this story quickly.

As a reminder, Martha is Dead will put us in the skin of Giulia, daughter of a high-ranking Nazi army, who decides to lead the investigation into the death of her twin sister Martha, found drowned in a lake. Of heavy secrets surround this death, and players will be asked to unravel the mysteries related to this death.

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Martha is Dead: The psychological thriller censored on PS5 and PS4, the news!