Monster Energy Supercross 5 game review

Undisputed leader on the muddy ground of two wheels, Milestone leaves for a fifth round of the stadium with Monster Energy Supercross 5. With a good axis of progress promised via the previous title on the latest generation consoles, this fifth opus was expected at the turn on its lifespan in order to revive the interest of the license to the regulars.

Whether on MXGP, MotoGP 21, Ride 4 or Monster Energy Supercross 4, the developer specializing in motorcycle games Milestone has achieved a successful reception on PS5 and Xbox Series X. An increase in its licenses both on asphalt and on rough terrain. It’s this month in the land and in the American stadiums that we are interested with the latest addition to the MES saga, Monster Energy Supercross 5.

Fight in the mud

Supercross is the meeting between a delirious public gathered in American football or baseball stadiums, ready to experience dantesque motocross races within the framework of the “AMA Supercross Championship” divided into two categories, 250SX and the Queen 450SX. We find in the latter the two Frenchmen Marvin Musquin and Dylan Ferrandis, currently ranked 6th and 8th far behind the American Eli Tomac and his Yamaha. All these pilots are modeled and under official licenses like the previous opuses, all like the circuits rich in somersaults and pyrotechnic devices (Indianapolis, Arlington, Houston TX etc.). What add a little immersion to the thing, even if a flat comes to us immediately in knowledge of the previous opuses: if the graphic transcription is correct, we would have progress in the game engine which has not changed much for several yearseven on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Besides, if MES 5 integrates a new animation after a contact (the pilot moves his arm as if to apologize), it is too weak and the races lack a little life with the numerous overtaking and collisions.

The skill tree is much more complete than on MES 4

On the other hand, the Career mode gains in sympathy compared to Monster Energy Supercross 4. The player will have to start on the “Futures” table reserved for new pilots, in the open air and far from the super arenas of Supercross. After qualifying after 3 races, you complete the “Rookie” circuit with 9 events before going “Pro” and doing a full season of 17 races. The skill tree had appeared last year, it is now much more extensive with skills to unlock on braking, landing, jumps, figures etc. Strong point: the latter pushes us to do some training and special events to obtain skill points in addition to the classic races. The rivalry system is the other great novelty of the title, and you challenge a particular driver in each race on 4 points: the position in the race, the holeshot (speed of departure), the number of crashes and the best lap in the race. A system similar to that of F1 2021, but which simply allows you to earn credits.

Make way for the Rookies

Monster Energy Supercross 5: the motorcycle game finally passes the second?

Some contacts are too much to the advantage of the human player

From a technical point of view, Milestone makes Milestone on certain points, but regresses or stagnates on others. If we start with the faults, note that the necessarily numerous collisions for motocross are not really convincing. In the different levels of difficulty, the advantage is too often for the human player, and we play the nag card too easily in tight turns to pass. During the jumps at the start of the event, we can sometimes fall on opponents, and in this case the player simply bounces on the backs of competitors as if they were decorative elements, without necessarily falling. Monster Energy Supercross 4 also falls into one of the worries of the first and second installments concerning the Holeshot: At the start, if the human player starts badly, he can easily catch up with the peloton by cutting the first turn at the rope.

However, the license is not sparing of efforts on the parameterization of the bikes before the race, and many possibilities of adjustment on the fairing, the suspensions or the braking are available. Same story on controller vibrations, with a lot of work on PS5 with DualSense in haptic feedback, bearings or lighting. In addition, the figures performed after a jump (scrubs, jumps and whips) are not useless because they boost the speed and gauge of the Rewind a bit: a useful rewind if you are new to the game. This one was vital last year, even on easy on some circuits, but Milestone has finally solved the problem. Now, the AI ​​is much less punitive in easy mode and will frustrate newbies less. We will even be tempted to say that this Monster Energy Supercross 5 is the best gateway to the license for newcomers.

Tire better do?

Monster Energy Supercross 5: the motorcycle game finally passes the second?

The circuit editor of MES 5 is the most complete of the Milestone motorcycle games

But on the side of the regulars, does this new MES deserve praise? Complicated to answer in the affirmative with a smile. In content, the series is refined by the new skill tree and the career rivalry system, but we would have liked a little more thickness in the mode, as for the other Milestone licenses that are late in this field by compared to Codemasters games or the WRC saga. Let’s add all the same the good stability of the online multiplayer mode even if it is limited to the simple racing lobby, a circuit editor a little more complete than its predecessors (more surfaces and stages possible), and a complex (mode free) sympathetic. Little touches that save the furniture a little, as well as the addition (finally!) of a split-screen multiplayer modebut we will expect more next season.

Strong points

  • Includes most official licenses (circuits, drivers)
  • Some races are really involved
  • Milestone’s in-depth track editor…
  • …just like career mode
  • Driving technically perfected
  • Split-screen multiplayer!
  • More accessible for neophytes…

Weak points

  • …but lack of interest for regulars
  • The visual rendering of the earth on certain circuits
  • Graphically a bit fair on PS5 and Xbox Series
  • Collisions with AI often poorly transcribed
  • Lack of variety in animations

We expected it at the turn on its ability to renew itself with the regulars of the license, but Monster Energy Supercross 5 especially opens its arena to newcomers. Compared to the first titles released since 2018, MES is more accessible, free, fast and clear in the composition of its game modes in addition to deepening its formula in the Solo career or the circuit editor. On the other hand, Milestone failed to make a leap forward from a graphical point of view, on the behavior of the AI, animations and collisions. Monster Energy Supercross isn’t taking full advantage of the latest console generation just yet, and it’s still going to take a while to feel a real sense of progression in the series.


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Monster Energy Supercross 5 game review