New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone: big and “stylish”

News hardware New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone: big and “stylish”

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The all-new Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the most powerful mobile gaming solutions on the market today. It denotes above all by the return of the S Pen, a unique design and incredible image performance in low light, which thus propel it to the top of the smartphone offer at Samsung.

Let the game speak

Thanks to his processor (“SoC”) Samsung Exynos 2200 engraved in 4 nanometers (nm) and designed in partnership with AMD Under RDNA2 architecture, the same as current generation consoles, the Galaxy S22 Ultra offers remarkable performance for the most demanding games. All on a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display in 3088 x 1440 pixels 6.8 inches diagonally, with a variable in-game refresh rate, as required, from 1 to 120 Hz.

S Pen, creatively yours

The fans of Galaxy Note can rejoice. Besides some rather familiar design aspects, the stylus retractable is making a comeback on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, in the form of the latest model of S Pen, which fits inside. A latency reduced by 70% compared to previous models gives you ever smoother and more natural drawing and writing capabilities on the curved screen of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Browse apps in a different wayenter your text or edit your photos and videos with a maximum precision and simplicityopening up new possibilities for creation and productivity on mobile.

New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone: big and "style"New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone: big and "style"

“Nightography”, day and night

Strengthened by its 5 photo sensors each dedicated to a particular use, from the ultra wide-angle to the infrared laser through its main 108MP sensor with the largest photosites ever onboard a Galaxy smartphone (2.4 µm)the Galaxy S22 Ultra also offers the best of the typical image post-processing features enabled by the computing power of its Exynos 2200 chip.

Equipped with anti-reflective Super Clear Glass, the lens 108MP of the Galaxy S22 Ultra achieves stunning results in terms of brightness and absence of noise in very low light. It’s backed up by auto framing and focus that focuses on the subjects you’re most interested in capturing in image. In terms of zoom, the Galaxy S22 Ultra provides optical up to x10 in 10MP and up to x100 in digital.

New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone: big and "style"

Using Artificial Intelligence (IA), for example for the mode Portraitthe Galaxy S22 Ultra simplifies shooting as much as rendering it in professional quality, up to 9000 x 12000 pixels in RAW format. Of course, you keep control of the settings manuals such as focus, white balance, shutter speed or ISO. Side videothe rear camera records up to 8K, and can output photos up to 33MP via the 8K Video Snap feature. Here’s what not to miss any rare moment.

Available now

New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone: big and "style"New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone: big and "style"

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is available in Black, White, Green and Burgundy. For any direct order on the Samsung website, 3 exclusive colors await you: Grey, Red and Sky Blue. But that’s not all, a special model including 1 TB of storage is reserved exclusively for you on the official merchant site.

From February 25 to April 30, 2022, Samsung is offering you 150€ reimbursed on one or more accessories eligible purchased with a Galaxy S22 Ultra. Finally, you receive 6 months free of OneDrive 100 GB cloud storage4 months of free access to YouTube-Premium and 5% of the amount of your purchase in Samsung Rewards points.

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New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone: big and “stylish”