NordVPN: An even crazier new offer for the world’s number one VPN

News good plan NordVPN: An even crazier new offer for the world’s number one VPN

Very popular at the moment, VPN providers have always fought hard to dominate the market. If many services exist, the world number one is still NordVPN, for the quality of its services and its ease of use.

With NordVPN, protect your data and your anonymity on the internet

Without wanting to fall into paranoia or create an anxiety-provoking climate, we are not living in the most joyful times and recent geopolitical events leave little hope for a rapid return to the famous “life before”. But before what?

Before harassment, fraud, hacking and other cyberattacks on an international scale, whether you are on the good or the bad side of the fence.

If the famous group of hackers Anonymous recently decided to join forces to take a position in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, in order to try somehow to destabilize the latter by all possible means, other much less attentive hackers have been attacking, since the Internet has existed, innocent people who have not asked for anything.

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NordVPN, the best VPN provider now includes anti-malware protection in its offers

We can be vigilant, careful and whatever we want, unfortunately we can’t control everything and threats on the Internet are everywhere.

It is on the basis of this observation that NordVPN has decided to enrich its offer with a new protection called “Anti-threats”, consisting of a tracker blocker (the famous cookies), an anti-malware and an ad blocker. Four software for the price of one, what do the people want?

Everything is seamless and thanks to the power of the NordVPN network of over 5500 servers around the world, you shouldn’t even see a slowdown on your connection. NordVPN is reputed to be one of the fastest providers on the market, regardless of your country of connection.

For the rest, the advantages of a PVN are numerous, in addition to the protection of your data and the guarantee of anonymous browsing, the big advantage consists in being able to watch its SVOD services such as Netflix, Prime, Disney+ or MyCanal from the abroad when you’re on vacation, but also play with friends all over the world on their servers, wherever they are and at any time.

NordVPN Highlights :

  • More than 5500 servers available in 60 countries
  • 6 simultaneous connections per account
  • Excellent speeds in France and abroad

Subscribe to NordVPN for only €2.89/month

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NordVPN: An even crazier new offer for the world’s number one VPN