OLED TV: Xiaomi arrives in the race, this year is already incredible

News hardware OLED TV: Xiaomi arrives in the race, this year is already incredible

OLED TVs and their infinite contrast level are stunning… but expensive. Today, we learn that a new player will launch into this niche of high-end 4K TVs: the Chinese giant Xiaomi. What can the Xiaomi Vision OLED TV have in store for us? At what price ? With what impact? We tell you everything!

Xiaomi OLED Vision: an additional 55-inch 4K OLED TV?

With this newcomer to the OLED market, almost all the major manufacturers in the world are in on the action. In the middle of LG, Sony, Panasonic and even Samsung, what are the arguments of the Xiaomi model?

Here is what the Chinese giant announces:

  • TV from 55 inchesi.e. 139 cm diagonally, the standard for 4K TVs;
  • TV connected via Android TV 11probably the best operating system of the moment;
  • Compatible HDR 10+ and Dolby Visionthe most advanced image processing in the world;
  • Scanning frequency of 60Hzso no gaming in 4K 120 FPS possible.
  • A pretty 30W 8-channel sound systemenough to simulate a small surround effect.
  • A quite powerful 4-core processorprobably dedicated to image upscaling (improving poor quality sources to 4K) and dealing with burn issues.
  • And especiallya very strong launch price: around 1100€. On sale, we will therefore easily fall below the 1000€ mark, which is a big feat for the recent 55-inch OLED.

Clarification regarding the price of the Xiaomi Vision

Note that we don’t have the exact price of the beast because the Xiaomi Vision is currently announced for May 19… in india only. This price of 1100€ is only an approximation based on the tariff of 89,999 Indian rupees. We are hopeful to see an international announcement soon.

No matter how hard we look, we cannot find any reliable sources capable of telling us which OLED panel is used by Xiaomi for its new television. It may not seem important to you, but, in reality, it makes all the difference.

OLED technology is recent, and it is evolving rapidly. There is a clear difference, especially in terms of brightness, between the recent OLED Ex panels produced by LG Display or the QD-OLED panels from Samsung Display and the more “classic” panels which are only 1 or 2 years old. .

Given the expected price and the 60 Hz, we think it is a “classic” OLED panel, supplied by LG Display. A panel similar to that found on the Korean giant’s A2 range.

We know Xiaomi well, the Chinese brand often scares the competition.

Why ? Because Xiaomi products are generally of very good quality, for a price much lower than what is practiced elsewhere. If the Chinese manufacturer manages its blow well and puts the means, it can take a nice market share.

A mind-blowing 2022 for the OLED TV market

If you want to change TV and you have the budget to invest in the top of the range, the state of the market has never been more exciting than today.

The arrival of Xiaomi and Samsung in the OLED sector in 2022 proves the full potential of this technology in the future. Let’s do a little review.

  • Today, you no longer have to worry too much about burn-in issues on OLED TVs;
  • Innovations to make OLED ever more efficient and bright are legion, in particular thanks to QD-OLED;
  • The industry is getting more competitive and getting bigger, once the shortage passes, we will surely see price drops.
  • Today’s top of the range is evolving very quickly: every year we see ever thinner, larger, ever more precise, ever more powerful, ever more versatile panels between gaming and cinema.

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of display technologies. In parallel with the development of OLED, which remains particularly technical to produce, Mini-LED, in particular via Samsung’s “Neo-QLED” TVs, is also becoming more and more popular.

If you’re a bit passionate, all this is wildly exciting.

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OLED TV: Xiaomi arrives in the race, this year is already incredible