PlayStation Store: 5 titles to play cops and robbers for less than €20

Game News PlayStation Store: 5 titles to play cops and robbers for less than €20

Until April 14 or 28 inclusive, the Spring Super Promo is in full swing on the PlayStation Store. Huge discounts of up to -75%, sometimes more, await you. Here is a selection of games combining a price of less than 20 euros and the possibility of playing cat and mouse by embodying a rascal or by wearing a badge of the police.

A Way Out (PS4)

  • €7.49 instead of €29.99 (-75%)
  • End of offer: 14/4/2022 00:59

Developped by haze lightcreators of It Takes Two or Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, this other game in co-op to two players of 2018 slips you into the skin of two prisoners in full escape attempt from their jails. For Leo and Vincent, the unexpected sidekicks, the get out of prison card will quickly give way to the frantic pursuit, all in narration and emotional episodes. Two in the same boat, your success will depend, in this refreshing experience, on your ability to establish complicity and collaboration, and never codependency.

Mafia: Definitive Edition (PS4)

  • €19.99 instead of €39.99 (-50%)
  • End of offer: 14/4/2022 00:59

Relive the 1930s and the beginnings of prohibition in the United States in the heart of the underworld, in this complete remake that enhances the original game like never before from 2K released twenty years ago, with a touch of the 2020s. Discover the remarkable work of the Hangar 13 studio which finally brings this opus to the level of the standards of the genre today. Climb into your brand new vintage vehicle and don’t forget your pie-gun.

LA Noire (PS4)

  • €19.99 instead of €39.99 (-50%)
  • End of offer: 14/4/2022 00:59

A jump of a decade in the future later, and here you are in the Los Angeles of 1947, in total atmosphere “film noir”. Remastered in 2017 to the standards of the PlayStation 4 generation, the 2011 game already had no reason to be ashamed of its city system to be traversed on foot or by car in sandbox mode, highlighting the real central point of its gameplay: a system of‘investigation and especially of‘examination pushed to support a most daring detective thriller narration, in terms of the script as well as the unprecedented visual technique applied to rendering and facial expressions. Against a background of bloody traces and the sound of muted trumpets, you will have to discover in every case who lies to Cole Phelps, a former World War II Marine freshly converted into a police inspector in LA. All in 1080p and graphical improvements.

LEGO City Undercover (PS4)

  • €14.99 instead of €59.99 (-75%)
  • End of offer: 28/4/2022 00:59

Another remaster from 2017 but from a 2013 game, LEGO City Undercover also offers you the opportunity to embody a police officer in a city for the first time in an open world, but all in famous Danish bricks, of course. For one of its most ambitious and Hollywood video game entries, LEGO has created for you the original character of Chase McCain, a young inspector in search of Rex Fury, a dangerous ex-convict who has just escaped from prison. Although undercover, don’t forget your missions as a peacekeeper in the 20 neighborhoods of LEGO City either. Playable in solo Where together in co-op, stop car thieves assembled from scratch, collect tons of objects, drive all kinds of vehicles wherever you want and admire the many cutscenes and pop culture references dear to the series.


  • €15.99 instead of €39.99 (-60%)
  • End of offer: 14/4/2022 00:59

Remake this time, the third installment of the Resident Evil saga returns in 2020 for an all-new version of the game developed by Capcom back in the days of the first PlayStation. It contains the story of Jill Valentinea military member of the STARS Alpha team, present in Raccoon City at the time of a “biological” incident caused by Umbrella Corporation. The sulphurous company will send on its heels the Nemesis, a secret weapon of his design in the form of a menacing colossus. Her goal: to pursue Jill relentlessly and silence her forever, as she tries to carry out her investigation by forcing her way between the zombie appeared on the streets of the city. The game comes with Resident Evil Resistancea 1 vs 4 multiplayer mode set in the franchise universe, in which four survivors must face a terrible enemy called Mastermind.

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PlayStation Store: 5 titles to play cops and robbers for less than €20