PlayStation / Xbox: Ukraine calls for a boycott of Russia

news culture PlayStation / Xbox: Ukraine calls for a boycott of Russia

As the situation in Ukraine is not improving, the local state continues to ask for help from outside. This goes through other countries, but also through the various companies exported internationally, such as PlayStation or Xbox.

“You have to leave the Russian market”

The situation in Ukraine continues to draw ink and for obvious reasons. Around the world, some organizations are raising their voices and applying sanctions against the Russian Federation for an immediate ceasefire. This also involves using cultural voices: recently, FIFA announced the withdrawal of Russian teams from its championship, while on the cinema side, The Batman, for example, was withdrawn from local cinemas.

Video games are not to be outdone, or at least some people want the industry to get fully involved. This is the case of Mykhailo Fedorov, who is none other than the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and also its Minister for Digital Transformation. In a tweet, the politician directly tagged official PlayStation and Xbox accounts asking them to boycott Russiain which the two firms obviously sell games and have a certain power in their field.

Soon a boycott from Sony and Xbox?

Mykhailo Fedorov’s message could not be more explicit, especially as he attaches the scan of an official document, signed by him, asking “all video game development companies and eSport platforms” of “block all Russian and Belarusian accounts”as well as “temporarily surprise their participation in all eSports events”.

You are certainly aware of what is happening in Ukraine at the moment. Russia declares war not on Ukraine, but on all civilized people. If you support human values, you should leave the Russian market!

For the moment, Sony as Microsoft did not answer. Moreover, they are not the only ones that Fedorov challenges on social networks since the Ukrainian also sent public and similar messages to other digital players, such as Meta (and therefore Facebook and Instagram), YouTube (and more generally Google), Apple Music or Spotify.

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PlayStation / Xbox: Ukraine calls for a boycott of Russia