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While Sony is preparing the second version of its virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR, the studios continue to water, more or less regularly, immersive experiences for the support of the Japanese company. After the excellent Moss Book II, it’s After the Fall’s turn to take us on a very different adventure, à la Arizona Sunshine. Welcome to an alternate world where the 80s were plagued by zombie attacks. Lovely program, right?

Helmet aimed on the skull and headphones properly installed, it is time to dive into a very morbid atmosphere as it should be. Our story begins in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, where experiments have gone wrong and spawned ravenous creatures, the Snowbreeds. Behind this term hides entities born of an attempt to survive that took the wrong direction. Just over a decade ago, the climate went off the rails and a new ice age gripped the earth’s ecosystem. Faced with temperatures becoming excessively dangerous for the human body, the inhabitants of the Earth sought to strengthen the organism. But in wanting to play the Little Chemist, they almost caused the loss of the world. From now on, the few survivors have only one goal: to prolong their existence!


The culmination of two years of work, After the Fall is the new production from Vertigo Games, authors of Arizona Sunshine. Assumed stress relief, this shooter in first person view is not there to do in half measures or lace. Here, it shoots, it explodes, it knocks out! It is useless to expect a script or well-crafted narrative events, everything is just an excuse to point your weapon at rotten pieces of meat eager for hugs. The intro can be misleading because it lays the foundations of the story, but the staging, like the missions, has nothing to offer that is script-wise powerful. It’s a shame, but it’s like most games of the genre, After the Fall plays on another register: that of fun and hordes of zombies to defeat.

The technical limitations of PS VR are palpable.

After the Fall PS4: After the excellent Moss Book II, the PSVR finally benefits from an essential Left 4 Dead?After the Fall PS4: After the excellent Moss Book II, the PSVR finally benefits from an essential Left 4 Dead?

We’re not lying to each other, if After the Fall wasn’t a VR game, it would struggle to convince. The progression is always the same, with entire areas to be cleared of any creature. Admittedly, the adventure sometimes manages to renew itself (with a changing bestiary), but the action remains very repetitive. The only purpose of this whole getaway is ultimately to join a hideout to recover from his emotions, before setting off again. Vertigo Games has tried to vary enemy attacks, but the game suffers from a flagrant lack of personality. We often talk about “generic title” in these conditions, and it is a syndrome that affects this experience. Without virtual reality and without this welcome immersion, After the Fall would probably go completely unnoticed. Fortunately, for him, he is in VR and has a gameplay that is as nervous as it is accessible!


After the Fall PS4: After the excellent Moss Book II, the PSVR finally benefits from an essential Left 4 Dead?

Taking advantage of their experience on Arizona Sunshine, the developers in Amsterdam have optimized the movement and stability of the shooting system. The options are numerous enough for everyone to find their way around and you can choose between a progression in spurts (basically, you teleport from one place to another) or fluid. The latter is obviously the most immersive, but also the most prone to motion sickness (motion sickness) for people who are sensitive to it. As for the action itself, we appreciate being able to reload our weapon automatically or manually (by mimicking the gesture). After the Fall does not reinvent the genre and revolutionize it even less, but it has a pleasant and dynamic gameplay. There are some neat little ideas like reviving a fallen partner by injecting them with a serum. Only strangeness: the total absence of a melee attack, which leads to sometimes very bizarre collisions.

After the Fall might have deserved a few more months of development. This impression is also reinforced by a fairly low level of personalization, based on the search for floppy disks. The problem is that these objects are only kept in the inventory on the one and only condition of completing the levels. We would have preferred a slightly more fluid system, and above all less frustrating. With its four difficulty modes, the Vertigo Games title still has a real advantage for it: its online game! It is truly in this aspect that After the Fall delivers its full potential, especially by choosing a sufficiently high difficulty. Although artificial intelligence is not a model of the genre (to say the least), it deludes when the horde is imposing and the squad of players tries to coordinate. It is in these moments, with the enemies who land on all sides, that we draw the essence of this experience. Only, we must hope that the community grows, because the servers are far from being filled despite the cross-platforms (PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus combined). The competitive aspect, on the other hand, clearly lacks strength and seems to have been added without much conviction.

Without this generic aspect, After the Fall could have been more striking.

After the Fall PS4: After the excellent Moss Book II, the PSVR finally benefits from an essential Left 4 Dead?After the Fall PS4: After the excellent Moss Book II, the PSVR finally benefits from an essential Left 4 Dead?


While waiting for a second model that we imagine to be much more efficient, we must be satisfied with the first PlayStation VR of the name for console players. It’s less thin and more blurry than the most solid works of the PSVR toy library, but the non-stop action makes you quickly forget the small visual problems (fog, stairs on objects, some shaky textures …). There are also some nice passages like a trip to an arcade or a trip to Chinatown, but everything remains extremely generic. And it is clearly the impression that resides when it comes to repeating the same actions in the same levels. There was a time when virtual reality could be satisfied with that, but current experiences are gaining in substance and After the Fall, despite its pleasant co-op, suffers from comparison.


Strong points

  • The game is cross-platform
  • Nervous and relaxing action
  • Immersion and ubiquitous tension
  • Four difficulty modes
  • online cooperation
  • A Left 4 Dead-style release
  • Compatible with Aim Controller (PSVR Rifle)

Weak points

  • Far too generic
  • Technically perfectible
  • No catchy storyline
  • Repetitive and unsurprising

After the Fall is not unpleasant, but the whole thing is far too generic and all-purpose to leave its mark on the PlayStation VR toy library. Arizona Sunshine had laid the foundations, this spiritual sequel optimizes them and does not lack fun and nervousness in cooperation. Unfortunately, despite some qualities, it is nothing more than a big stress reliever responding to the codes of the zombie game. A VR alternative for Left 4 Dead fans, but far below the tenor of the genre.

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Review of the game After the Fall on PS4